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We're totally obsessed with these Bare Collection rings that our editor in chief Elise mentioned. Shop for them--along with the other picks from the segment--below!


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Signet Rings (Like The Ones You've Just Seen)

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Mario Lopez: You're welcome. Tonight, Jan is serving as our inspiration for tonight's extra gift guy.

Woman 1: No one accessories these jeans in a tee like this so to steal Jan A's scarf look, you got to get one of these from Silk by Bryony.

Bryony Shearmur: They are photographic prints on to silk.

Woman 1: Colorful, beautiful.

Bryony: They are art as accessories.

Woman 1: Handmade, all limited editions, definitely Jana Fruit.

Elise Loehnen: So Justin and Jennifer have been seen with some big, gold rings that are matching.

Woman 1: Yeah, we've seen them.

Elise: If you want to get that same engraved look, a signet ring is a great place to start.

Woman 1: Like these from Bare Collection make advances stars like Beyonce, Charlize, and Ann.

Woman 2: It just has that laid back state of the making but in a very subtle way appeal.

Woman 1: Want to get your favorite friend or hostess a perfect warming gift?

Kendal Ascher: The roasted chestnut candle is our limited edition, brand new scent for the holiday season.

Woman 1: With 90 hours of burn time, it's sure to get you through the holidays.

She get understated, perfect for any occasion. It must be a Morton and Hudson handbag.

Sydney Weinger: They are not overly trendy. It's not the kind of bag that you would just buy for one season.

Woman 1: Just like the way our girl, Jan, likes them.

Mario: Today, I got some help with our holiday gift giveaway Dallas Mavericks owner ambassador for Sketchers go wrong campaign. Mark Cuban is back with us. What do you have for everyone today, Mark?

Mark Cuban: We've got the latest running shoe from Sketchers. It's the go run line. It's the lightest, highest performance shoe on the market. If you can't run on these, if you can't get the best performance ever at these shoes, you shouldn't be running.

Mario: That's a cool shoe right there. For your chance to win one, just go to We're going to be hooking you guys up.

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