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Don't be Late for your Adventure in Wonderland. Display this Backwards Wall Clock during your Alice In Wonderland or Through The Looking Glass celebration. Lead Alice through Wonderland... Backwards Wall Clock

Backwards Wall Clock
For the Tube clock, the great Dutch designer Piet Hein Eek started with one very simple thing a ring. He drew the dial and than simply stretched it backwards until he obtained a tube.... Tube Clock

Tube Clock

This simple steel clock has the bottom bent backwards to form the base so you can stand it anywhere. It comes in fresh contemporary colours with matching coloured hands. Size: Width 20 x... Soft Green Steel Stand Clock

Soft Green Steel Stand Clock

Want to personalize your bedroom or add a bit of spice to the dry office atmosphere? Try adding this lightweight, fun backwards clock. It runs just like an average clock does, but the... Backwards Clock

Backwards Clock

Egghead Toys
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"This customizable Reverse Numbers Wall Clock is designed on the clock and would interest those who like reverse, dial, clock, backwards, numbers, time, and humor stuff." Reverse Numbers Wall Clock

Reverse Numbers Wall Clock