Kobina Asmah pays tribute to the Abyssinian cat once believed to have originated in Ethiopia. Carving sese wood he depicts the elongated legs and big ears of the native African feline.... NOVICA Beaded African Cat Sculpture

NOVICA Beaded African Cat Sculpture

Dimensions: 4.5W x 5D x 8H in.. Formed from crushed stone and high-quality resin. Playful kitty with flashlight eyes. Powered by a wireless, integrated solar panel. Hand-finished exterior.... Design Toscano Bright Eyes Solar Light Cat Garden Statue - QL58930

Design Toscano Bright Eyes Solar...

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Made of durable, long-lasting resin. Superb detailing with astounding hand painted finish. A big cat with big style for any yard. Dimensions: 20.5W x 10.5D x 13H inches. Design Toscano Leopard's Kingdom Garden Statue - HF307536

Design Toscano Leopard's Kingdom...

$89.90 $84.90
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Transform your home or garden into an exotic paradise with this regal lioness. Captured in quality designer resin and hand-painted in naturalistic tones. This big cat sculpture will stretch... Design Toscano Lioness Of Namibia 19-In Animal Garden Statue Db383070

Design Toscano Lioness Of Namibia...

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Cast in quality designer resin. Beautifully hand-painted in natural tones. Big cat sculpture will stretch along your mantel. Can also be used along garden wall/tree branch. Dimensions: 29W... Design Toscano Lioness of Namibia Garden Statue - DB383070

Design Toscano Lioness of Namibia...

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You'll add an instantly exotic flair when our sleek cheetah garden statue pushes off muscular haunches to spring into your garden. Four foot high and full of drama, this big cat statue is... Stalking the Savannah Cheetah Statue

Stalking the Savannah Cheetah Statue

A variant of the cougar, the panther is known for its fast and agile body, making it a fine subject for sculptural art. Ours is made entirely by hand of solid brass in a simple geometric... Williams-Sonoma Brass Cubist Panther Sculpture

Williams-Sonoma Brass Cubist Panther...

The historic paintings in Cacaxtla (Tlaxcala) inspire Angel Ceron in the crafting of this sculpture of a jaguar warrior. Believed to channel the courage and might of the jaguar the warrior... NOVICA Collectible Aztec Multicolor Ceramic Wild Cat Sculpture

NOVICA Collectible Aztec Multicolor...

Nengah Sudarsana loves animals of all kinds but cats hold a special place in his heart. Carved by hand with lifelike detail a cat performs lithe yoga stretches. The sculpture bears... NOVICA Handcrafted Wood Cat Sculpture

NOVICA Handcrafted Wood Cat Sculpture

Funny big cat womens tiger shirt super soft, high quality womens tshirt. This super soft womens shirt is made in the usa & designed and printed by us. It is high quality, comfortable and... Funny Big Cat Shirt Fur Real I Ain't Lion Tiger Shirt Womens Polyblend Tshirt Made in Usa

Funny Big Cat Shirt Fur Real I Ain't...

Our Playful Cat and Butterfly Sculpture adds a touch of whimsy outdoors or indoors.Aww... how adorable is this! Our Playful Cat and Butterfly sculpture displays a large butterfly perched on... Improvements Playful Cat and Butterfly Garden Sculpture

Improvements Playful Cat and...

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This high-quality bronze cat statue is hand-finished with an antique green verdigris patina. Color patina is applied by hand tone may vary slightly. Piped to optionally cascade flowing... Design Toscano Raining Cats 9.5-In Animal Garden Statue Su310

Design Toscano Raining Cats 9.5-In...

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Since the medieval times, the garden gargoyle has been warding off evil spirits from homes and castles around the world. And now Gargiggles- a friendly version- can welcome some of those... 13 in. Big Sister Natasha Gargoyle with Gold Eyes Holding Welcome Sign Home and Garden Statue

13 in. Big Sister Natasha Gargoyle...

Ancient Egyptians believed cats to be the embodiment of Bastet, the goddess of the sun s warmth and life-giving power. Cats were so revered that they were often mummified upon death and... 47" Ancient Egyptian Large Cat Goddess Bastet Statue Sculpture Figurine

47" Ancient Egyptian Large Cat...

Ancient Egyptians believed cats to be the embodiment of Bastet, the goddess of the suns warmth and life-giving power. Our highly detailed, quality designer resin pedestal sculpture... Classic Egyptian Collectible Cat Feline Bastet Pedestal Statue Sculpture

Classic Egyptian Collectible Cat...

Add this Big Fish Head Up Sculpture to instantly add color to your home or your garden. Emissary Big Fish Head Up Sculpture Turquoise

Emissary Big Fish Head Up Sculpture...

Bed Bath & Beyond
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This panther sculpture is a 4-12-ft long replica of this king of jungle cats. Cast in quality designer resin to capture every detail of its sleek muscular form then hand-painted in ebony... Design Toscano Grande Black Panther 16-In Animal Garden Statue Ne90011

Design Toscano Grande Black Panther...

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Hello Kitty Short Sleeve Crew Neck Hello Kitty T-Shirt-Big Kid Girls Hello Kitty Short Sleeve Crew Neck Hello Kitty T-Shirt-Big Kid Girls

Hello Kitty Short Sleeve Crew Neck...

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Used Tank Great Addition For Hk Collectors Item. Says Xl But Fits Like A Small Hello Kitty ""Statue Of Liberty"" Tank Top

Hello Kitty ""Statue Of Liberty""...

Poshmark, Inc.
Add a colorful, whimsical touch to your decor with this clay cat statue handmade by artisans in Bali, Indonesia. The statue is hand-carved in the shape of a cat holding up its paw in a... Handmade Multicolor Clay Handshake Cat Statue (Indonesia) (Cat paw up multi color crazy art 8"), Purple (Wood)

Handmade Multicolor Clay Handshake...

This Hand-Carved Wooden Playful Cat Statue has a quizzical look with its paw on its chin. Standing at 24 inches high, this cat will make a fun statement in any room. Handmade by the... Handmade Wooden 'Playful Cat' Statue (Indonesia) (Cat paw on chin tex design), Brown

Handmade Wooden 'Playful Cat' Statue...

Set an inspirational tone in your home or garden with this cat statute. The colorful phrase is uplifting and creates a cheerful tone, while the coated resin material ensures durability and... Exhart Cat Statue with Butterfly (Multi-Color), Multi (Resin), Outdoor Décor

Exhart Cat Statue with Butterfly...

Gazing curiously at her owner a cat seems to ask questions with her golden eyes. Nengah Sudarsana carves the beautiful kitty from Balinese albesia wood and realistically adds color by hand.... NOVICA Albesia Wood Cat Sculpture

NOVICA Albesia Wood Cat Sculpture

Working in copper Ana Maria Enciso creates a sculpture with gleaming bronze accents. It depicts a ceremonial mask from Peru's Inca empire. A cat poses on the forehead and elaborate jewelry... NOVICA Hand Crafted Inca Copper and Bronze Mask Sculpture with Cat

NOVICA Hand Crafted Inca Copper and...

With markings like a tuxedo a black and white kitten relaxes after a day of play. Before taking a quick nap he reflects on the day's activities and enjoys his pleasant home. Nengah... NOVICA Handcrafted Wood Cat Sculpture

NOVICA Handcrafted Wood Cat Sculpture

Assuming a half-lotus position a black and white tuxedo cat meditates. Nengah Sudarsana shares his deep love of animals through his sculptures. With this carving he communicates the cat's... NOVICA Prayer Wood Cat Sculpture

NOVICA Prayer Wood Cat Sculpture

Snarling a warning a seated jaguar bares sharp fangs and emits a low growl. Angel Ceron brings the figure to life in a handsome ceramic replica. The original clay vessel was discovered in... NOVICA Handcrafted Ceramic Wild Cat Sculpture from Mexico

NOVICA Handcrafted Ceramic Wild Cat...

Crouching a warrior holds his weapon at the ready. He wears a nose ornament earrings and a robe with geometric motifs while a fierce cat crowns his headdress. Walter Jose Acosta depicts a... NOVICA Moche Cat Warrior Handcrafted Ceramic Replica Sculpture

NOVICA Moche Cat Warrior Handcrafted...

Looking up with wistful eyes this Siamese cat waits for someone to give him a loving tap on the head. Nengah Sudarsana hand-carves the endearing cat from albesia wood painting it with... NOVICA Albesia Wood Cat Sculpture

NOVICA Albesia Wood Cat Sculpture

A brown eyed kitten relaxes perfectly at ease. Her ears are alert and her face filled with sweetness as she gazes lovingly at her human. This realistic wood carving comes from Nengah... NOVICA Signed Balinese Ginger Cat Sculpture

NOVICA Signed Balinese Ginger Cat...