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Country Time Wedding Formality (I.e., Keep It Low-Key)

The other day I got an email from a female family member in a panic over what to wear to a summer … {more}


An Inspiring Visit To Granville, Ohio (Where All The Creatives Live)

For years I'd never really seen much of the country beyond LA, SF, NYC, Miami—the middle of the … {more}


Change of Leather (A Bracelet I Can Get Behind)

I find leather jewelry is tough to wear without looking like a teenager smoking outside of Hot … {more}


New Discovery (For Affordable Things That Aren’t Too Young)

I've mentioned before that I like a good bargain. Everyone does. The problem is that a lot of the … {more}


The Brightest Feet: (To Draw Less Attention To My Toes)

I don't normally like to draw attention to a my feet. I tend to forget about pedicures, and band … {more}


When My Favorite Worlds Collide: Mara Hoffman for Soludos

A few posts ago I discussed my love for Soludos espadrilles, which I gave props to for being … {more}


Sailor Pants Equal
Summer Pants

The other day I was over at my mom's because A. I'm nice B. Probably needed to check in on what I'm … {more}


Bold Bathing Suit Prints—Am I Losing It?

I came across the Australian store, Black Milk, online after someone had posted something about a … {more}


Super Real Deal DIY (I’m Not Making, But I’m Buying)

I'm always surprised by friends: As in, when they're on time or manage to not talk to me about … {more}


Linen T-Shirts Feel Like You’ve Had Them Forever

You know how everyone has that favorite t-shirt that's super thin and threadbare and they've had for … {more}


Rethinking Espadrilles (Because Soludos Make It Worth It)

A few years ago I went to Madrid and made it a point to buy myself some espadrilles at the oldest … {more}


New Favorite SF Store:

I'd spent the better part of three weeks traveling and just got back a few days ago from: Hawaii, … {more}