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Holiday Gifts for Him and Her Under $100 – As Seen On “Indy Style”!

I love when I see a product and it says, "As Seen On..".  It definitely gives it more clout in my … {more}


How To Prepare For A Power Outage—And Make it (Somewhat) Fun

As horrible as Hurricane Sandy has been to those on the East Coast, I made it fairly unscathed.   … {more}


Win A FREE Copy Of Alexander McQueen: Evolution by Katherine Gleason

Skull scarves to super low-cut trousers, extreme shoes to sharp tailoring—are all synonymous with … {more}


Photographer Alex Yerks’ Woodworking Hobby (and Win One of His Carvings)!

*A. J. Ellsworth you are our winner! Thank you for telling us what fall means to you. Please email … {more}


For Clear Skin, Don’t Wash Your Face. Ok, Do…But….

I have a new face cleansing ritual.  It is ironic that I say ritual because it dates back to the … {more}


We Must Say How Wonderful C.Wonder Is (Again)

We’ve said it before here and here, and we’ll say it again—C. Wonder is pretty wonderful. Last … {more}

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I Gave Hot Rollers Another Whirl (Curl). You Should Too.

Early in my 20’s when I first moved to NYC, I wanted to be glamorous. Pretty quickly I found out … {more}


Emmy’s Red Carpet Round-Up: We Saw Blue And It Looked Glorious

The starlets at the 2012 Emmy’s had smiles on their faces, but their gowns were shades of blue.  … {more}

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Celebrity Collections? Sure! If They Are By Nicole Richie.

Confession: I (sometimes) like when celebrities do clothing and beauty lines.  Even though I … {more}


Spotted at New York Fashion Week: Bold Brows

Put DOWN the tweezers (again)! Bold brows are having quite the moment on the Spring 2013 runways … {more}

spotted at new york fashion week denim cutoffs

Spotted at New York Fashion Week: Denim Cutoffs

The streets of NYC are busting at the seams with fashionistas.  Speaking of seams, have you noticed … {more}


Lights… Model, Take The Runway! Yes, Fashion Week is Here…

New York Fashion Week officially begins today, with some of the merriment already underway early … {more}