Beastie Boy Mike D Collabs with Revolver Wallpaper!

So my twelve-year-old son has been begging me to let him paint his entire room fire engine red this fall when we move into our new apartment in the East Village.  Although I “yes” him (for now), inside I’m screaming to myself, “Is he NUTS?  No way that will ever happen!” I try to talk him into painting just one wall or a red bedspread. What he really needs (I need?) is mind-numbing drunk-tank pink, a paint color used to calm down rowdy prisoners.

Thanks to my friend’s recent Facebook share, I now have the perfect solution (thank you, Carla!).  Genius tongue-in-cheek Brooklyn Toile by Beastie Boy Mike Diamond and Revolver.  Not only will it satisfy my boy’s insatiable love of red, it will remind us of our beloved Brooklyn. Who doesn’t want to look at floating Notorious B.I.G. , Hasidic Jews and Coney Island to make you smile? Hmmmm…maybe I will plaster both our rooms…red for him, blue for me.

brooklyn toile red

brooklyn toile blue


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