Check in with the Beso Rewards Program

To all our Beso Users and Friends –

Now that our Beso Rewards program has been live for a few months, we wanted to check in with all of you about how the program has been developing, and how you are making use of it.

First off, we are thrilled about the enthusiasm for the program, which reinforces why we wanted to build it in the first place. We built it because we believe that taste is inherently democratic, and we wanted to give people a platform to express that—and be rewarded. After all, we live in a world where we all have influence, even if we don’t own our own magazines, or have tens of thousands of blog readers.

We have great numbers of users who get this concept, like Belinda Kucheck or Lauren Medeiros. They each have a clearly defined sense of style, and have developed organic followings as a result: People buy some of the products they share, and everyone wins. It works because it’s authentic, and it comes from the heart.

If Belinda or Lauren earn enough to occasionally grab a latte at Starbucks, fantastic. But I’m sure they would be sharing what they love regardless of the financial payout—because they love sharing the things they’re passionate about. This is what we really hoped Beso Rewards would be, and what it is.

But let me also share what the program is not.

Given the fact that money is currently involved, it didn’t take long for some people to try to leverage the program purely for financial gain. Some of these techniques are technically complex, while others are simple variation of ”I’ll-scratch-your-back, you-scratch-mine”.

If the techniques you’re using are not totally organic or are in any way contrived, then those practices not only violate our terms of use, but compromise the spirit of the program. And, we will uncover them. And, when we do, we will immediately terminate your participation in Beso Rewards and deny payment for any earnings we believe were generated in violation of our terms.  It’s necessary to do this if we’re to keep Beso Rewards going for all of you who are using it in good faith.

Again, our goal at Beso is to send qualified traffic (i.e., people who are truly interested in the item shared, who might actually want to buy it) to the wonderful merchants on our site, not just traffic for its own sake. We want people who are authentic, and not those whose primary concern is when they are getting their next payment. If you think of Beso Rewards as a job, then you are not thinking about it in the way it was intended.

We couldn’t be more thrilled that people are excited about Beso Rewards, and we want to continue to shape it so that it can benefit and entertain everyone. I encourage you to read best practices in our FAQs. You can also always reach out to


Dan Armstrong

General Manager,




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