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2) Then leave a comment (below), telling Joanna one of your favorite baby items, such as gentle shampoo, a great breast pump, or the bouncy chair that really worked. What product do you swear by? We would love to hear – leave us a link so we can all see!

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  1. PatyNava1 says:

    So I have many products that I love but my number one has to be the Cetaphil lotion. My baby has a very sensitive skin so I had to switched the johnson & johnson shampoo to the cetaphil soap. I have to use the cetaphil lotion, and I have to say that I really love it because It prevents my son from getting an allergic reaction. I have to say to those moms who have a baby that have very sensitive skin that cetaphil is the best choice. Also a tip that I give to those moms who have a child that get serious diaper rash to use “Desitin”, since my son has a sensitive skin he tends to get diaper rash, this cream relieves the diaper rash in just one day. I highly recommend it. But before you do any changes make sure to consult it with your doctor and make sure it’s ok for you to use on your son. With the Cetaphil lotion I don’t have to worry about my baby getting bumps all over his skin.

  2. RebbyFlebby says:

    i love to use

  3. Shannon (sgiggly86) says:

    I LOVE my nursing cover. It is so convienent and works really well :) Its definetley one of the best things we have purchased.

  4. Tara says:

    My absolute favorite baby product is my Moby wrap. With my first child I could never get anything done around the house. Cleaning is a stress reliever for me and without it I developed PPD. This go around I bought the Moby and I am obsessed! It has numerous ways of wrapping your baby so as to wrap him how he/she desires most. I wrap my son and am able to walk around the house getting everything done! Not to mention you can wrap your baby up and use him/her as a “weight” while working out. My husband even loves it because I use it at the grocery store without a single cry from the baby. I recommend this product to everyone!

  5. Diane says:

    member name : dyang

    I am a first time expectant mom so I have not had the experience in using baby things but one thing I will be using for sure when my little boy arrives would have to be the Johnson’s Baby Shampoo. I have used this as a little girl and have seen it use through generations within my family. I really like that it is tear-free. Yes, I have purposely opened my eyes when using this to test it out. This is why I love it so much because oopsies can occur with babies who are not yet comfy with water on their heads!

  6. allisa hearn says:

    Favourite baby product is my swaddle blankets. My son always wanted to be swaddled so those were great

  7. Kara Smith says:

    My baby item I could have not lived without was my brest friend pillow. It seriously made breast feeding so much easier in the early weeks. If I could I would buy one for every new breast feeding mama!

  8. Kara Smith says:

    My baby item I could have not lived without was my brest friend pillow. It seriously made breast feeding so much easier in the early weeks. If I could I would buy one for every new breast feeding mama!

    nickname: karalynn

  9. Shaye says:

    The baby item i couldn’t have lived without is the Graco Snugride 30 infant Car Seat. It always came in handy & always stayed in perfect condition. I think every car that is being bought by a family should come with this car seat!

    nickname: shayeshaye10

  10. Michele says:


    the best thing ive ever used was my jogging stroller! babytrend jogging stroller is one of the best items i have baught! It is great for walks it ride smoothly! It even better in the snow i remember befor i had my jogger i would go for walk in the winter and my stroller would just slide everywhere couldnt get over snow banks i hated it! It was a MAJOR workout just to go anywhere! So i wouldnt! But when i baught my jogger it was awesome barely had to push it and the wheels actually turned in the snow instead of slidding! it also whent thrue or over snow banks! will never go back to a normal stroller!

  11. Shayla says:

    Nickname: shaydionne

    My daughter is now 10 months. We are ALWAYS on the go and when she was 3 months the solid food feeding was so difficult. The combination of not squirming child and not being places where I could use a bowl and spoon were disastrous. I was browsing through HEB and I found my miracle worker, the Squirt spoon by Boon. You pour the baby food into the handle and then screw the spoon part onto it. The mouth section is covered with a cap so that the food doesn’t squeeze out and make a mess in your diaper bag. To feed all you do is take the cap off, and apply a little pressure the handle and the spoon fills itself. Not to mention, it’s only $10! You can’t get any better than that. Now with an even squirmier (and impatient) 10 month old, feeding is a breeze. We even go bibless occassionally WITHOUT the mess :)

  12. LaraAshley says:

    Chewbeads Bracelets [in cornelia] chic yet baby friendly.

  13. PreciousMoon says:

    For my baby from ages about 1-2.5, after he got past the pacifier stage, many tantrums were diffused by presenting a screwdriver – for some reason he couldn’t get enough of playing with screwdrivers. I ended up buying multiple sets of toy tool boxes just to get the screwdriver from them and always have one on hand.

  14. SteadyOnTiger says:

    its gotta be a cuddly toy, and must be based on a children’s cartoon such as sesame street, teletubbes etc…

  15. Sewah says:

    Chewbeads bracelets, definitely

  16. funny clips says:

    Some really terrific work on behalf of the owner of this site, absolutely great written content.

  17. nothernmom23 says:

    There are so many great baby products that I found out about with my little man. I was going to say desitin because that was the only product that saved his poor little butt when he was teething. However, I am goind to say Nuk pacifiers. We trained him to use one when he was 3 months old. He was reluctant at first, but once he learn it was a miricle. Nuk helpped him sleep through the night since then. No more waking up to tried to feed and get him to sleep. We would just have to give him his pacifier and he would fall back asleep. Now that he’s a toddler it still helps with melt downs. I tell him to find his Nuk and it helps him to self sooth instead of throwing a fit. I could say enough good things about it. We tried other pacifiers and this was the only one he liked. Thank you Nuk for making my life sain.

  18. Kristi C says:

    Well for starters I am not a parent, however my sister is expecting and very excited so I think this would be great for her! :) One item that I have always loved to see babies in are those Johnny jump ups, I see they have them with the base now, instead of being clipped into a doorway which seems much safer. But I think this is something many babies love as much as it’s enjoyable to watch them laugh and bounce around in it. :)

  19. Rachel G. says:

    I would have to say one product that was “God Sent” for me as a new mother breast feeding with my first son was the Lansinoh breast feeding cream. I had so many issues and discomfort with breast feeding but this cream really helped with the burning and cracking. Now that I am expecting my second I hope that I will have even better success with the help of this cream!

    Beso Nickname- RachelShea

  20. Clint Boltz says:

    Exercise and Diet advice for those

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