Holy Smokes, I Just Scored
An Awesome Deal!

I bought an Eames Molded Plastic Rocker for incredibly cheap on a flash sales site called The Foundary. Like, can’t-believe-it-just-happened, cheap. I mean, the pants I’m wearing right now now cost more. A chair this great deserves to have friends, and since I scored some deep savings, I’m thinking about getting pretty things with the money I saved. I love the collapsable bronze stars: They would be so fun to play with while watching really bad reality tv (who needs a stress ball). The bud vase is beautiful, organic, and timeless, while the Wabi-Sabi book will sit on my coffee table and be a good reminder of the Wabi-Sabi mentality: To find beauty in imperfect things.

Eames Molded Plastic Armchair RockerBronze StarsWabi Sabi For Artists, Poets, Designers, & PhilosophersWhite Ceramic Bud Vasean awesome deal, clockwise l-r: EAMES MOLDED PLASTIC ROCKER, $407.15, available at Modern Seed; BRONZE STARS, $22.00, available at Canoe; WABI-SABI: FOR ARTISTS, POETS, DESIGNERS, & PHILOSOPHERS, $14.95, available at Canoe, WHITE CERAMIC BUD VASE, $29.00, available at Amazon Marketplace.

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