Rainbow-Colored Goods To Make You Smile

It’s the last weekend before X-mas, so while you clamor for mom and dad’s gifts don’t forget about number one: Yourself! After blowing half your paycheck on your bestie, these tchotchkes are just the thing you need to make you smile. Rainbow colored chopsticks will make ramen taste a little bit better, and these Swiss tools will make your DIY project SO much easier to complete. If you’re feeling really generous the Polly Wales ring and Pantone set are kind of everything.

Rainbow Chopsticks Takashi Kamijo, 1994PB SWISS RAINBOW BALL END HEX KEY SET

Polly Wales Medium Band - Multi Color Sapphires, Yellow GoldPantone Universe Twin Marker Sets

clockwise, l-r: RAINBOW CHOPSTICKS, $35.00, MoMA Store; PB SWISS RAINBOW BALL END HEX KEY SET, $99.00, Hand-Eye Supply; PANTONE UNIVERSE TWIN MARKER SET OF 72, $483.00, Dick Blick; POLLY WALES MEDIUM BAND, $2640.00, Catbird. 

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