See-Through Truffle Pouches: (For When I Become A Better Person)

Know what I’ve turned into? A very specific type of hoarder. I’m like an Alien, or snake, or whatever: When it becomes too chaotic and scary in my handbag of the moment, instead of taking five minutes to throw stuff out and organize, I just shed the purse, and move onto the next. My bags have become zipped up time-capsules full of flotsam and jetsam: I’ll shelve them for months—even years—only to eventually rediscover everything I had given up as gone for good.

This morning, I desperately needed one dollar—just one. And so I went to those dark caves of disaster, and sifted through receipts, gum wrappers, pens, precious migraine medicine, my favorite lip balms, change purses, and an alarming amount of  necklaces. I didn’t find a dollar, but I did come to the pointed realization that my life would be so much better if I could learn to use pouches to organize the disarray. Think about how smooth the transition from bag to bag would be… Can I change? Probably not. But that doesn’t mean I can’t like these cute see-through variations by Truffle. Chic and useful, right? (And these guys aren’t just for purses, either: They’re actually big enough to hold an iPad—ideal for at-the-pool usage, and are kind of clutch for breezing through security lines at the airport.)

Truffle Clear PouchTruffle Clear Pouch

Truffle PouchTruffle PouchNo 1 CLARITY POUCH, $38.00, Truffle.

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