They’re Baaack: Sigerson Morrison Is Live Again!

After a brief hiatus, Sigerson Morrison is back at it, turning out some of the best flats and color-blocked heels around. A few years ago, I did an experiment, where I tracked the number of times I wore different pairs of shoes on Daytum. It was an exercise in cost-per-wear, i.e., justifying the fact that it’s worth it to throw down for a pair of well-crafted flats that won’t start disintegrating after a few turns around the block. It pretty much confirmed what I expected, which is that not only do I own many, many pairs of Sigerson Morrison flats and flat boots, but I also wear them the most. The colors are good, the materials are often unexpected, they’re comfortable, and they last. Anyway, herewith, the two I’ve got my eyes on.

Sigerson Morrison Bonny FlatSigerson Morrison Bottice Sandal

l-r: BONNY FLAT, $395.00, Sigerson Morrison; BOTTICE SANDAL, $425.00, Sigerson Morrison.


  1. Andrea says:

    I like the Warhols. I know. So boring and practical…

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