Who Knew? Baggu Is Making Laptop Cases

Yeah, yeah, I know I’m obsessed with Baggu (we even used them as gift bags at our wedding), but guys, they really do turn out the most well-conceived, colorful, affordable, lightweight goods out there. Canvas on the outside, super-soft on the inside, this awesome laptop envelope is no exception. Andrea walked into the office with one today that she bought at Plastica (but they’re a few dollars cheaper at Tigertree, or through Baggu directly), and I almost jacked it from her purse when she wasn’t looking. Baggu is doing iPad sleeves, too.

Baggu Laptop BagRed Baggu Laptop Bag

Baggu Canvas Laptop Bag Sailor StripeTeal Baggu Laptop Bag 13″-15″ LAPTOP SLEEVES, $36.00 EACH, Baggu.


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