Created by the master perfume designer who launched Opium, Primo! Confess, A Little Sexy, Malibu Musk, Uproar U and U Two, Babe is formulated with rare and costly essences normally used... Babe Fragrance Deodorant Body Spray 2.5 Oz / 70.9g for Women by Parfums De Coeur

Babe Fragrance Deodorant Body Spray...
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Created by the master perfume designer who launched Cachet, Aviance, Enjola, Opium, Ninja, Primo! Confess, A Million Stars, Raw Silk and Malibu Musk, A Little Sexy spray is a soft, all-over... Designer Imposters A Little Sexy Gentle Body Spray, 2.5 oz

Designer Imposters A Little Sexy...
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Designer Imposters Confess Perfume by Parfums De Coeur Famed parfums de coeur scent design house presents designer imposters confess a spot-on reproduction of the popular obsession... Designer Imposters Confess Deodorant Body Spray By

Designer Imposters Confess Deodorant...

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