Dr. Bronner's PEPPERMINT 18-in-1 PURE CASTILE SOAP Always dilute for Shave-Shampoo-Massage-Dental-Soap Bath! Peppermint is nature's own unsurpassed fragrant deodorant! 1% & 99% hot water = facial pack, shampoo, hair conditioner! A dash in glass water = breath freshening Peppermint Soap! For massage, dilute 1 part in 10 parts hot water! Not oil! Apply Peppermint Soap dry, to clean ant-mosquito-tick-fly! Dilute with hot water to clean & freshen from head to toe! Peppermint Oil Soap for Dispensers-Uniforms-Baby-Beach! 3 dashes in water rinse most Sprays off fruit & vegerables! 2% soap in water sprays-cleans flowers & fruit trees! HEALTH IS OUR GREATEST WEALTH, "K" © 1973 "ALL-ONE" DON'T DRINK SOAP! KEEP OUT OF EYE! DILUTE! DILUTE! OK! DILUTE: ENJOY 1 SOAP for 18 DIFFERENT USES! Guaranteed no syn- thetic peppermint oils & 100% vegetarian: Supermild Castile has outstanding water softening & cleansing powers. Preferable to harsh soap & defattening synthetics. It does not cut dirt, but dis- solves it. It i


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