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Featuring a compact-style body, and silver hardware, the Coupe Luxe offers the ability to carry your personal items hip-side whilst keeping things interesting. Offering versatility, the... Coupe Luxe Handbag

Coupe Luxe Handbag

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Keep credit cards, pictures, coins, and any other small essential that comes to mind organized and secure in the sleek and uniquely designed Wallet Luxe. Featuring a tri-fold design, the... Wallet Luxe

Wallet Luxe

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The Mens Wallet Bifold offers a functional design while still offering a unique and funky style to keep things interesting. Made from recycled inner tubes, its exterior is smooth, yet... Mens Wallet / Bifold

Mens Wallet / Bifold

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The Small Model T Classic Tote offers a classic style with a smooth and sleek exterior and a luxurious, colorful interior. Featuring a variety of pockets, exterior and interior, and a... Small Model T Tote Luxe Classic

Small Model T Tote Luxe Classic

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Keep things short, simple, and stylish with the Mini Luxe. Made from reclaimed materials, the Mini Luxe features a boxcar-shaped body with colorful cut-outs designs that give this compact... Mini Luxe Bag

Mini Luxe Bag

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