This fine plaque is handcrafted by renowned artist A. Koney. This plaque features a unique drawing of an African villager and is crafted from African hardwood. Product Features: Unique... African Heritage Collection Wooden 'My Home' Wall Hut Plaque (Ghana) (My Home Hut Plaque)

African Heritage Collection Wooden...
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Master woodworker Daniel Nyadedzor carves this set of antique style combs. Originating from the Ashanti region of Ghana they bear the name Nyansa meaning wisdom and symbolize the type of... NOVICA Wood combs, 'Ashanti Wisdom' (set of 3) - Handcrafted Wood Wall Combs

NOVICA Wood combs, 'Ashanti Wisdom'...
Juliana Akandas designs a magnificent mask in the style and tradition of the Ga people of Ghana. The mask is known as Tse ataa meaning father and honors the tribe's forefathers.... NOVICA Ga wood mask, 'Father'

NOVICA Ga wood mask, 'Father'