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"Head Full Of Hair Is Maximum Hair Growth Product Formulated Using Only Natural Blends Of Fruit And Plants Found In Brazil And Australia. This Product Delivers Nourishing Extracts Directly... "Groganics Head Full of Hair, 6 oz"

"Groganics Head Full of Hair, 6 oz"
"Daily Topical Scalp Treatment Natural herbal blends found only in the Brazilians Amazon and regulated by the FBHA to be used only to treat advanced hair loss & severe thinning. These... "Groganics DHT Daily Topical Scalp Treatment, Adult Formula 6 oz"

"Groganics DHT Daily Topical Scalp...
"Groganics DHT Root Lifter fertilizes the Inner Root Penetrating 3 Layers Of Scalp. It Energizes the Root And Follicles and Promotes Stronger And Longer Hair. WHAT IS DHT?... "Groganics DHT Moleculizing Root Lifter, 4 oz"

"Groganics DHT Moleculizing Root...
"For Braids,Locs & Twists Natural Herbal Blends Found Only In The Brazilian Amazon And Regulated By The FBHA To Be Used Only To Treat Advance Hair Loss And Severe Thinning. These Herbal... "Groganics Liquid Scratch Daily Scalp Treatment, 8 oz"

"Groganics Liquid Scratch Daily Scalp...