My Five Favorite Outfits
April Francis

It can be nearly impossible to marry an eclectic sensibility with wearable trends, but then, look no further than APRIL FRANCIS. A stylist for many years (can't you tell???), Francis is now a successful entrepreneur as the founder of hot Chicago start-up Dose Market. Now officially one-year-old, Dose is a monthly gathering of artisan, food, fashion, and design vendors who set up inside the River East Art Center in Chicago. In short, there's something for everyone, which is arguably how one can parse her fall style. Here, April Francis's five favorite outfits.

first Suede Fringe Jackets Silk Mini Skirts

day 1

The clear acrylic, French heart pendant I'm wearing is filled with tiny, bright pressed flowers. It was recently confused for an arrowhead—I'm not mad. I love the contrast of the jacket and skirt: It's country meets disco by way of fringe. Perfect for a date night.

second High-Tops Message Tee

day 2

What's not to love? The Nike Sky Hi's are my go-to. I'm a big fan of wearing this old Opening Ceremony dress as an open autumn layer/jacket—it's a pretty standard look for a day running errands and doing chores in Chi-town. Note the laundry tote: I love doing laundry.

third Printed Jean Polkadot Tops

day 3

I like this sticker so much I can't commit to sticking it anywhere. The polka dot shirt is my first piece of Yohji Yamamoto and it makes me think of June Blaker—she was the first to bring Yohji and Rei to Chicago. Her collection is insane. That collar! This look would hang well at Chicago's MCA.

fourth Colorful Headphones Black Pleated Miniskirt Embellished Cowboy Boot

day 4

I know the season is finally in full swing when this Alaia outfit comes out to play; throw on a varsity jacket and you are all set for dinner with girlfriends. The headphones were a birthday gift from a treasure of a friend who knows me so well.

fifth Plaid Shirt Leopard Tights Varsity Jacket

day 5

The more the merrier. This is a typically representative outfit for me on a fall Chicago day, just pickin' up records, taking pictures of myself. The glow on these Wolford's doesn't stop.

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