Primping ain't easy, and neither is shopping for the beauty junkies in your life. Contributing Editor
CRYSTAL MEERS hunts down presents that are pretty perfect, in every conceivable sense.

The Beach Babe

coqui coqui coco coco perfume

coqui coqui

Relive summer with every spritz of coconut perfume. Eau de Parfum Coco-Coco, $80

Kevin Murphy Surfer Girl Kit

Kevin Murphy

Perfect beach waves even on a work day. Surfer Girl Kit, $32.99

Spirit Beauty Lounge Natural Sponge

Spirit Beauty Lounge

Lather up with this all natural oceanic score. Natural Sea Sponges, $14

Arcona Kiwi Bar


A soothing and hydrating bar that can go up against the elements. Kiwi Bar, $38

Ilia Beauty Illuminator in Sway

Ilia Beauty

This delivers a
sun-kissed glow in a
skin-conditioning stick. Illuminator in Sway, $34

Le Feu De L'Eau Le Feu Marron Candle

Le Feu De L'Eau

This amber-scented candle is formed underwater using clean-burning soy wax. Le Feu Marron, $55

Neo Nagel

Dose Nail Color


Trios of color for the polish-happy. Nail Color, $20

Bando Smooch Bobby Pin

Seal an updo with a kiss. Smooch Bobby, $30

Vitra Tool Box


A Caboodle stand-in that means business. Tool Box, $60

NARS Andy Warhol Collection


A palette to inspire 15 minutes of fame. Andy Warhol Collection, $55

Kosta Boda Giant Lipstick

Kosta Boda

Iconic beauty, captured in glass. Makeup Lipstick Sculpture, $150

Shu Uemura Hair Mask

Shu Uemura

A retreat for stressed tresses. Hair Mask, $68

The Glamarama

Chanel No. 5 Soap


Loads of luxury in every lather. No. 5 Soap, $75

Belmacz Puff Puff


Pure fluff with a purpose. Puff Puff, $72

Ciate Velvet Manicure Kit


An AP Nail Art class in a box. Velvet Manicure Kit, $19 & up

Armour Beauty in Last Dance

Armour Beauty

A sheer burgundy gloss with dramatic flair. Last Dance Gloss, $21

The born-again buffy

Bop Basics Hair Ties

Bop Basics

It may as well be an endless supply of elastics. Solid Army Hair Tie Set, $45

Brandy Body Lotion


The Jordache girl all grown up. Body Lotion, $35

Josie Maran Argan Hot Oil Self-Heating Hair Treatment

Josie Maran

A gorgeous, healthy take on the 80's obsession. Argan Self-Heating Hair Treatment, $36


100% Pure

A big blush brush blends on par with the pros. Kabuki Brush, $21

LAQA and Co. Mudpie Nail Polish Pen

LAQA & Co.

A neutral lacquer for quickie manis and near-instant touch-ups. Mudpie Nail Polish Pen, $15.45

The fresh face

Rodin Hand Creama


This super luxurious skin treatment comes complete with jasmine and neroli notes. Hand Cream, $75 & Up

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Liplift


A conditioning base for any shade of lipstick or gloss. Kiss Kiss Liplift, $33

Patyka Biokaliftin Intensive Moisturizing Mask


This is a big spa-day packed into one small jar. Biokaliftin Intensive Moisturizing Mask, $81 & up



Design that makes
vanity fair. Copper Mirror, $82

the eco maniac

Bkr Waterbottle


Not only is this glass water bottle easy to refill, but it comes with an easy-to-clean silicone sleeve. Water Bottle, $28 & up

RMS Beauty Raw Coconut Cream

rms beauty

An all natural use-it-for-everything that transcends the health food store. Raw Coconut Cream, $18

Brookfarm Sisal Bath Mitt

Brook Farm General Store

The easiest way to get a handle on off-the-moment skin brushing. Sisal Bath Mitt, $8

Winter Share of Beauty Products with Portland Apothecary

Portland Apothecary

A haute-hippie CSA for grooming goods. Winter Share of Beauty Products, $120

Fig & Yarrow Tooth Powder

Fig & Yarrow

This alt-paste can keep pearlies white (and your bathroom counter dressed up). Tooth Powder, $16

The dockside doll

Swedish Dream Sea Salt Soap

Swedish Dream

A skin-softening bar from the nordic seas. Sea Salt Soap, $5.95 & up

Clare Vivier Striped Pouch

Clare Vivier

A double duty make-up case / cool-girl clutch. Striped Pouch, $184

Nook Tweezers


A rounded tip is easier on the eyebrows. Tweezers, $40

Eau D'Italie Un Bateau Pour Capri Eau de Parfum

Eau D'Italie

La Dolce Vita delivered by the whiff. Un Bateau Pour Capri, $160

Jennifer Behr Lambskin Pony Wrap

Jennifer Behr

Fast-track a pulled-together pony. Lambskin Pony Wrap, $65

Brookfarm Japanese Cotton Wash Cloth

Brook Farm General Store

Stripey cotton proves comfy can still be chic and clean. Japanese Cotton Wash Cloth, $8

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