The Birds Have Landed!

People have been fascinated by these feathered creatures for centuries: An endless array of colors, a miracle to watch in flight, and a harbinger of changing seasons. Here, CYNTHIA KLING rounds up the ideal nests to suit everyone's taste and budget.

The Mansions:

A Big Estate Needs a Matching Birdhouse

This Oriental temple re-creates the birdhouses that flank both ends of NYC's Gramercy Park (notice the gold welcoming pineapple at the top).

Home Bazaar, $291  
Mallard Duck Raft

This Mallard Duck Raft would be ideal on a pond, but can also be used by a pileated woodpecker to tuck into if mounted in a tree—both are gorgeous birds.

Forsham Cottage Arks, £599  
Town Hall Bird House

Purple Martins—the first songbirds to return each spring—like to live communally. Since they work so hard eating insects, don't they deserve a distinctive Town Hall?

Multiple Stores, $254.95 & Up  
Barn Owl Box

These ghostly raptors, who warble an amazing tune, are strapped for homes because of
habitat loss. Help
them out by
providing a safe and roomy nesting box.

Hen & Hammock, £140  
Garden Pavilion Birdhouse

Just try to find a better abode for your winged friends!

Multiple Stores, $65.52 & Up  
American Systems Frank Lloyd Wright Bird House

The lines! The colors! The scale! This birdhouse, designed by America's greatest architect, Frank Lloyd Wright, will bring panache to any rural yard.

Maclin Studio, $119.95  

Happy Homes:

Developments are encroaching on bird habitats,
so give them cozy new pads to call home.

Bottle Bird House

These were used in Colonial America to encourage birds to live near homes so they'd eat the insects—a win win situation!

Anthony Stoneware, $48  
Screech Owl Chalet

Screech Owls and kestrels, both hunters, can make a home in this box—and keep your mouse population down.

The Backyard Bird Company, $54.95  
J. R. Birdhouse

By turns elegant, rustic and eco-friendly, these are handmade from sustainable harvested teak and inspired by California architect Richard Neutra's case study design.

Modern Birdhouses, $195  
Bodega Bird Houses

Mod meets traditional in
these cunningly shaped houses.

Digs, $79 & Up  
Loll Pitch Birdhouse

Made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, this modern house needs no assembly, was designed for easy cleaning, and comes in great colors.

GSelect, $79  
English Postbox Birdhouse

Perfect for the Anglophile in your neighborhood. Can you imagine a yard-full of them with birds darting in and out?

Kinsman Company, $32.95  
Emilie Cazin Birdhouse

Want one for your city apartment? Belgian designer Emilie Cazin created a bird house that attached to her balcony.

Email, €250  


Mostly for the Wee Ones

Wren Nesting Bag

This nesting pocket is perfect for lively little wrens—plus, it keeps birds safe during cold winter months.

Monticello Shop, $15  
Black & White <br />Tweet House

Could anything be chicer?

Tweet Tweet Home, $14.95  

Make sure the entrance hole is the right size for the bird you want to attract. Do your research before you buy.

ECO EGG Birdhouses

Made entirely of bamboo, which is totally water resistant, these make a snug home for small songbirds. Plus, they're eco-friendly and disintegrate in four
to five years.

Duncraft, $19.95  
Cannonball Gourd Bird House Red

So perfectly designed by Mother Nature, that it only needs a small hole to finish it.

The Backyard Bird Co., $19.95  
Eco-Strong Window View House

Your children won't be able to resist a Peek-A-Boo in the window that attracts small birds such as chickadees, nuthatches, titmice and wrens.

Duncraft, $39.95  
Hummingbird House

A hummingbird nest so sweet it could warm anyone's heart.

Duncraft, Two for $34.95  
Polka Dot & Zebra Bird House

Some prefer polka
dots AND stripes.

The Pink Magnolias, $36  

Housekeeping and Accessories:

Keep everything from condos to castles clean.

Screw Mount Birdhouse Guardian

If you find crows and grackles crowding out the little ones because the entry hole is too big, use this clever device.

Duncraft, $11.95  
Vicks Vapo-Rub

A Virginia postmistress found that rubbing Vick's on a bluebird pole kept the snakes away. It's also supposed to work with rabbits in gardens.

Soap, $4.45  
Birdhouse Spy Cam Hawk Eye Birdwatching Camera

When spring comes, there is nothing quite like watching those tiny hatchings break out of their shells and learn to fly.

Amazon, $95.39  
Boston Warehouse Elephant Dish Brush

Use a hard-bristled scrub brush to get the gunk out.

Amazon, $7.08  
Grapevine Globes

Perfect for lining nests—plus, you can refill them with your dog's hair once they're empty!

Duncraft, Three for $24.95  
Birdhouse Cleaner

Once the boxes are clean, a few spritzes of this natural spray make sure that all those nasty mites and bugs are gone for good.

Amazon, $10.95  
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