If the mere mention of unannounced house guests sends you into an emergency cleaning frenzy, it may be time to reassess
your domestic strategy: Having these essentials on hand will guarantee your home is in a perpetual state of visitor-ready harmony.


Spoon Sisters Designer Dish Gloves

Handheld Vacuums

Undoubtedly the hardest working tool in your clean-up arsenal: Pesky pet hair and rogue dust bunnies don't stand a chance against this handy gadget's corner-hugging capabilities.

Dyson DC34 Handheld Vacuum, $169 & up 
Scrub Brushes

Scrub Brushes

They may be small in size, but with a little elbow grease on your part these scrubbers pack a mean stain-removing punch.

Norpro Round Dish Brush, $3.96 & up 
Green and Yellow swirled 'Iguana Marbles' from Land of marbles

Organic Cleaning Products

Gone are the days of scrubbing grimy floors with pungent bleach—these super effective products are gentle on your nose and the environment.

Mrs. Meyer's Cleaning Supplies, $3.44 & up 


M-Cups Red Measuring Matryoshkas

Desktop Organizers

Conquer a cluttered desk—and that mountain of papers—with just a few clever elements.

Anthropologie Bulletin Pencil Cup, $32  Anthropologie Dachshund Letter Holder, $32 
twoTwo Gripper Cutting Board

Closet organizers

You'll be amazed what a few plastic bins and a hanger swap (no more flimsy dry-cleaner freebies) can do for an overflowing closet plagued with mateless shoes, and mismatched suits.

Honey Can Do Storage Drawers, $20.87 & up 
twoTwo Gripper Cutting Board

Kitchen Storage

Whether you're a daily cook or a weekend warrior, make the most of valuable kitchen counter real estate with these space-saving storage solutions.

OXO Pop 5-pc Set, $50 


twoTwo Gripper Cutting Board


Set one of these elegant catchalls close to the door and you'll never have to scramble for misplaced keys again.

Leif Spear Print Tray, $80 
twoTwo Gripper Cutting Board

Decorative boxes

The ultimate in functional décor, these exquisite coffers are the design-concious way to stow loose knick knacks you don't want hanging around for all to see.

Plantation Lacquer Boxes, $130 
twoTwo Gripper Cutting Board


Not only do these pretty coasters protect surfaces from unsightly water-rings, they serve double duty by sprucing up your coffee table landscape.

Sailor's Knot Coasters, $16  
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