Instant Party Hair

If there isn't a Drybar in your town just yet, don't fret: The booming chain of sleekly-designed blowout "bars"—which offer a menu of about seven different styles (and no cuts or color)—are swiftly taking over the country. At $40 a pop, it makes perfect sense that they're boomingly popular—there's no more decadent treat than a full head of freshly-washed party hair. We asked Drybar's owner (and creative force) ALLI WEBB to take us through the steps to get her go-to look (also known as the Cosmo Tai)—and we asked her for a list of the products that make the magic happen in her salons every day.

Alli Webb, founder of Drybar
Drybar Cosmo-Tai This is the Cosmo Tai, a combo deal between beachy, messy hair and lots of curls.

Alli Webb's
DIY Party Hair

"This particular approach is great because it can last for days!"

  • 1

    You want to start with super clean hair—in fact, for best results, start with a clarifying shampoo to get rid of any residue.

  • 2

    Towel dry your hair thoroughly.

  • 3

    For fine hair, try Volumizing Mousse from L'Oreal Expansion. For curly and thick hair, use Moroccan Oil Hydrating Cream.

  • 4

    Divide your hair into three to four small, workable sections—smaller sections are much more manageable, and you'll just generally get a better result.

  • 5

    Start in the front, at the bangs.

  • 6

    Blow your hair out with a large boar-bristle brush and nice and full: Don't worry about perfection here, since you're going to go back in with a curling iron at the end to take care of any frizz.

  • 7

    After getting all of your strands dry, divide your hair into four sections again.

  • 8

    Take a 1" curling iron and work in 1" sections. Hold the iron vertically in the hair, and focus on placing curls that are at the level of the ear or below. Curl away from your face and down.

  • 9

    Because you want a loose wave rather than a tight curl, just hold the iron in the hair for one or two seconds, and as you pull the curling iron away from your hair, take your fingers and pull the curl down.

  • 10

    After you've curled your entire head, mix together a pomade (L'Oreal Architexture Cream-Based Pomade) and a light serum (Moroccan Oil Light Oil) and use your hands to tousle the waves.

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