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    Baker suggests seeing a pro first so they can show you how to fill in and grow out your brows correctly. "Everyone's brows are different. I work with what my clients have and what will complement their faces," Baker says. Depending on how fast your hair grows, she recommends coming in every two to four weeks.

    Kelley Baker - Eyebrow Artist
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    If you go out of town or simply can't get back to the salon as often as needed, the easiest way
    to maintain the shape of the brow is to tweeze the hairs as soon as you see them growing
    back. (Unless, of course, you're trying to grow them in.)

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    Trimming your eyebrows is also key, but can be tricky. Baker advises using small nail scissors after brushing the hair up and trimming only what's sticking out and nothing else. "Don't hold hairs tightly and trim like you would your bangs
    or you risk being left with a weird bald patch," she says.

    Nail Scissors
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    The general rule of thumb for determining where your brows should start is to hold a pencil along the side of your nose. You want your brows to start at the inner part of the brow bone and go out to the edge so it will frame your face. If they are too short and thin, they can make your face look wider and older.

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    Baker's favorite trick is using her highlighter or "magic stick" as she calls it. (One of Baker's longtime clients also refers to it as "the Jesus stick"). Draw underneath the brow bone and smudge with a brush in a back and forth fan motion to blend. This will create a nice, perfect line right underneath the hairline. Baker says, "It basically lifts the brow and makes you look fresh and awake. It's good for no makeup, full makeup, or even just going to the gym."

    Kelley Baker Highlighter Pencil
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    Baker prefers using a brow powder to a brow pencil for outlining. "Brow powder is a lot more natural and much easier for clients to use on themselves. If you use a pencil it's really easy to press too hard and draw a severe line that looks unnatural," she says. Starting at the inner brow, apply the powder using an angled brush and then go straight across. Flip the brush around to the mascara wand (or spoolie) and then brush the powder up and in.

    Kelley Baker Brow Powders
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    To set the look, the last step in the process is brow gel. Simply brush up and across. Avoid brushing the gel in because it will flatten the brow. (To see the pro in action, check out her excellent how-to video above.)

    Kelley Baker Highlighter Smudge Brush and Angle Spooly Brush
  • Secret Weapon #2

    Besides killer brows, the other must-have in Baker's beauty arsenal is lip gloss. To complement her line of grooming products, she also created a trio of long-lasting neutral shades. "All you need are great brows and amazing lip gloss. With those two things, you don't really need any other makeup." Her favorite color: Pink Rocks. "It looks super sparkly in the tube but it works great on everyone." The complete line of Kelley Baker lip glosses—including Sweetie Pie & Nibble—is going online shortly.

    Kelley Baker Pink Rocks Lip Gloss