Gifts for everyone you know

We've eliminated the guesswork from your holiday shopping list: Whether they spend their weekends scouting bird calls or sample sales, there's something here for just about every enthusiast.

The Prettiest Gift Wrap Out There The Prettiest Gift Wrap Out There

The best presents are a whole, heady experietnce—an experience that starts with the first glimpse of the box. Nothing amps up the whole effect more than...

  • For Your Mom For Your Mom

    We put contributing editor Emily Hsieh on the case of rounding up the best gifts that pay homage to mom (no matter what she's into).

  • For Your Dad For Your Dad

    Make the gesture count: Whether he's a pro on the grill or would rather lounge poolside, contributing Editor Emily Hsieh shows us how.

  • Kids Stuff Kids Stuff

    Pleasing the little ones on your shopping list can be tough stuff, particularly if the end-goal is to find something that you—or the parents of said little...

  • The Jewelry We'd Love To Own The Jewelry We'd Love To Own

    Hey guys, here's a helpful PSA: As a gift, a great piece of jewelry rarely disappoints. So we figured we'd take some of the guess work out of it, and make the...

  • Impress a Foodie Impress A Foodie

    You know those people who are so into food that they boast a kitchen that could front a restaurant empire? They can be tough to please, so we set...

  • Kids Stuff Travel Luxuries

    Sure, there are those who might argue that the glamour of travel is gone, but we disagree, particularly when you're armed with luxe shawls and...

  • Pet Lovers Pet Lovers

    Standard options tend to be boring and utilitarian or embarrassingly twee. Not to worry: Every single item here is functional and cool. No maribou pink feather...

  • The Stationery Lines That Slay Our Hearts The Stationery Lines That
    Slay Our Hearts

    Maybe we're romantics, but we believe that a pretty card is often even better than a great gift: Sometimes...

  • Engagement Ring 101 Engagement Ring 101

    If you're popping the big question over the holidays, read this comprehensive guide before getting down on one knee. Everything from sizing to styles, we're...

  • For Your Artsiest Friend For Your Artsiest Friend

    Thanks to a wealth of sites, under-the-radar artists are turning out limited-edition pieces that can be snapped up for a song. Since she's armed with great taste...

  • The Best Kid's Gifts The Best Kid's Gifts

    It can be pretty hard to find great presents for the little ones on your list that have both parent and child appeal. EMILY HSIEH takes the guesswork out of it.

  • Make It One-Of-A-Kind Make It One-Of-A-Kind

    Even if you don't throw down for a full-on custom gift, there are loads of wallet-friendly options out there that feel bespoke. EMILY HSIEH finds the best...

  • For The Birds For The Birds

    We sent CYNTHIA KLING on a hunt to find the coolest new accessories and gadgets to make your backyard a chic bird sanctuary—plus, she rounded up the...

  • The Best Gifts For The Beauty Obsessed The Best Gifts For The
    Beauty Obsessed

    Primping ain't easy, and neither is shopping for the beauty junkies in your life. Contributing Editor...

  • The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide The Ultimate Foodie Gift Guide

    They culture their own kimchi during Top Chef commercial breaks, and will drink you under the table while talking about the vintner who crafted the wine...

  • What To Get Your Bestie What To Get Your Bestie

    She knows you through and through and still loves you, and she's got your back in every situation. According to CYNTHIA KLING, this holiday season...

  • Made In America Made In America

    We hold these gifts to be self-evident. CRYSTAL MEERS finds 50 gifts that make homesick friends happy and their home states proud./p>

  • The Best Gifts For Guys The Best Gifts For Guys

    Whether it's savory treats for your foodie cousin or the latest gadget for your tech-obsessed best friend, EMILY HSIEH rounds up a fitting gift for...

  • The Best Eco-Conscious Gifts The Best Eco-Conscious Gifts

    Earth-friendly wares shed their reputation for being aesthetically-challenged a long time ago: Contributing editor EMILY HSIEH drives the point home.

  • Give Warmth: Cozy Presents Give Warmth: Cozy Presents

    Beyond burgeoning belt lines and the tendency to gravitate towards sweatpants, the holiday season is all about flannel pajamas and shearling slippers...

  • The Best Under $10 Gifts The Best Under $10 Gifts

    Let's be honest: There are very few people on our lists who merit a three figure gift… and loads who just need an on-point gesture.

  • The Best Gifts for Travelers The Best Gifts For Travelers

    The incessant voyager might be hard to track down, but they don't have to be hard to shop for. Whether they're the king of the road or have earned...

  • One Size Fits All Gifts One Size Fits All Gifts

    Who wants the added stress of figuring out the right size on the hang tag for your recipient of choice? On these, there are no measurements required.

  • The Best Gifts For Perplexing Types The Best Gifts For Perplexing Types

    The trick is to put more thought than money into your gift. No last-minute grabs for this tricky group! Here, a cheat sheet for ensuring a big win.

  • ALTTITLE Perfect Gifts For Little Boys & Girls

    Kid-pleasing, educational, and display-worthy all in one: Contributing editor ANDREA ARRIA-DEVOE zeroes inon the gifts for kids that are sure to please all.

  • ALTTITLE Best Gifts For The Gadget Obsessed

    We all have at least one tech-junky on our lists—and they're the trickiest of the bunch, since they tend to be early adopters of... everything.

  • Beautiful Everyday Things Beautiful Everyday Things

    Useful and awesome are not mutually exclusive. Extraordinary everyday things will appeal to utilitarians and the people on your list you swear have everything.

  • Gorgeous (And Sustainable!) Jewelry Gorgeous (And Sustainable!) Jewelry

    More and more are embracing kinder methods where artists turn to recycled metals, vintage items, ethically sourced stones, and artisan workers to create...

  • The Best Toys For Grown Ups The Best Toys For Grown Ups

    Tom Robbins said that it's never too late to have a happy childhood. Contributing Editor CYNTHIA KLING agrees, and ventured out to find the gifts...

  • The Best Toys For Grown Ups Thank You Cards

    Now that the wrapping paper has been pushed aside, it's time to bust out the stationery and get a jump start on your thank you card writing. CRYSTAL MEERS...

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