Our metallic leather Daenarys barrette is artistic in design yet simple in structure.
Emi Jay Leather Daenarys Barrette, Silver

Emi Jay Leather Daenarys Barrette,...

Dragonfly Barrette Limited edition design. Angelina Verbuni Design Studios Arts and Crafts era rendition. Hand crafted and painted in the USA. High quality french clip to hold thick and...
Dragonfly Barrette Wedding Hair Clips Wedding Hair Accessories Dragonfly Barrettes Bridal Hair Clips

Dragonfly Barrette Wedding Hair Clips...

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Ruched bowknot with nylon material. Nylon snood net is convenient for kinds of hair. The barrette hair clip is a ideal accessary for woman. Can enhance more stylish look.
Unique Bargains Ladies Ruched Bow Barrette Hair Clip Bun Cover Burgundy w Net Snood

Unique Bargains Ladies Ruched Bow...

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Imagine the blue rose and the pink leaves this colorful barrette got matching rhinestones.
Caravan Imagine The Blue Rose And The Pink Leaves This Colorful Barrette Got Matching Rhinestones

Caravan Imagine The Blue Rose And The...

Automatic barrette decorated with triple octagon crystal clear rhinestones.
Caravan Automatic Barrette Decorated With Triple Octagon Crystal Clear Rhinestones

Caravan Automatic Barrette Decorated...