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Concentric circles adorn a round face while squared eyes survey the world above a triangular nose. Playing with geometric elements Salihu Ibrahim carves a ceremonial mask from the Ga tribe... NOVICA Ga wood mask, 'Happy Face' - Wood Mask from Africa

NOVICA Ga wood mask, 'Happy Face' -...
In times of hardship a friend is always there for you and when you find such a friend you are happy for life confides Eric Darko who replicates the friendship mask of the Akan people. Worn... NOVICA Akan wood mask, 'True Friend' - Hand Made Wood Mask

NOVICA Akan wood mask, 'True Friend'...
A mask of exquisite beauty it symbolizes enigye happiness in the Akan language. Juliana Akandas carves the mask of sese wood and adorns it with shiny brass plates. The mask's happy... NOVICA Akan wood mask, 'Happiness'

NOVICA Akan wood mask, 'Happiness'
Back in 1991, just before the sad demise of Factory Records, there was 'Cities in the Park', an outdoor event over 2 days, staged at Manchester's Heaton Park. Bands include: A Certain... Manchester Sound: Happy Mondays & Friends At Cities In The Park

Manchester Sound: Happy Mondays &...