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Spruce up your bedroom with the Patch Magic Hummingbird Quilt by Patch Magic Applique. It is made from 100 percent cotton and is soft to the touch. This patchwork quilt is hand-quilted from... Hummingbird Quilt

Hummingbird Quilt
Patch Magic
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Size: Twin Patch Magic Hummingbird Quilt This wreath of flowers is attractive to the humming birds as well as your loved ones! Ensembles and bedding items from Patch Magic are perfect for... Patch Magic Hummingbird Quilt QHUMB Size: Twin

Patch Magic Hummingbird Quilt QHUMB...

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August Grove Marnie Hummingbird Quilt The mist holding the wreath of the flowers that attract the hummingbird will engage your senses with sheer delight with this lovely flowered quilt....