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Mayer Mill Brass is a small family owned company starting out 35 years ago with one item- We have grown with an inventory now exceeding 600 pieces- We distribute this unique collection of... Mayer Mill Brass - DOK-BO - Boxer Door Knocker

Mayer Mill Brass - DOK-BO - Boxer...

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- Bronze Boxer Door Knocker Free Shipping on orders over $75. No Hassle Returns. Bronze Boxer Door Knocker Michael Healy Designs MHDOG03

Bronze Boxer Door Knocker Michael...

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"The Boxer DogKnocker&trade: was cast in solid bronze using the age-old art of sand casting. The sand mold for the casting process is used only once, giving each DogKnocker&trade: its... Michael Healy Boxer Door Knocker X-30GODHM

Michael Healy Boxer Door Knocker...

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