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As if M.C. Escher's sketches weren't complex enough, now you can try to piece them together with this fiendishly complex, modern take on a best-selling cube puzzle. Players can place the... Escher Mirror Puzzle

Escher Mirror Puzzle


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Object: Mix up and put back to start This is a rotational puzzle that comes from Meffert's Puzzles. There is no packaging for this puzzle, it comes wrapped in bubble wrap. If you like the... Meffert's Pyrastar Fluorescent Color (difficulty 9 of 10)

Meffert's Pyrastar Fluorescent Color...

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This contemporary cube pedestal from Allan Andrews is both beautiful and functional, featuring a glinting mirrored finish. This piece offers a grid of square beveled mirror panels that are... Allan Andrews Short Mirrored Puzzle Cube Pedestal

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The Mirrorkal Escher Puzzle will test your mind with the power of abstract art. It is made for one player and it promises to test your strategic and artistic skills. Enjoy hours of fun as... Recent Toys ES2337 Mirrorkal Escher Brainteasing Puzzle

Recent Toys ES2337 Mirrorkal Escher...

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