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MITTEN CLIPS - A great solution for all those kittens who lose their mittens! Don't let your mittens wander away! Keep them safe with mitten clips. Take the science behind suspenders,... Mitten Clips / pair

Mitten Clips / pair

SNOGGLES - ONE PIECE MITTEN CLIPS. Spend all your time looking for the other mitten? NOT ANYMORE, with our one-piece adjustable washable SNOGGLES! Elastic, one size mitten clip does truly... Snoggles - One-piece Mitten Clip

Snoggles - One-piece Mitten Clip

2 suspender/mitten clips, size 1, for making suspenders and mitten clips. Dritz Mitten/Suspender Clips 2/Pkg-Nickel

Dritz Mitten/Suspender Clips...

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