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Alessandra Foletti designs this light blue suede leather necklace inspired by ancient Maya art. The pewter pendant is centered by a spiral symbol of life according to the ancient Maya.... NOVICA Leather pendant necklace

NOVICA Leather pendant necklace
Resplendent in sterling silver the quetzal bird was believed to be the god of air by the ancient Maya. Today it is Guatemala's national symbol. Classed as a near threatened species a... NOVICA Handmade Guatemalan Jade Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Handmade Guatemalan Jade...
Rare and precious dark green jade adorns this pendant necklace by Ruben and Gilda Perez. The Guatemala artisans reinterpret ancient Maya jewelry with this dramatic design. The length can be... NOVICA Maya Style Dark Green Jade Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Maya Style Dark Green Jade...
Check out this sterling silver symbol Om Medallion that makes an ancient sacred symbol from Hinduism and Buddhism come alive. The Om symbol pendant is perfect for use in your meditation or... 925 Sterling Silver Round Medallion Om Aum Pendant Necklace 18in

925 Sterling Silver Round Medallion...

Bling Jewelry
The sea turtle is an ancient symbol that represents creation,endurance, determination, strength and stability. This handcraftedpiece features a beautiful sea turtle design with a glass dome... Atkinson Creations Beautiful Ocean Blue Sea Turtle Glass Dome Pendant Necklace (Sea Turtle pendant necklace), Women's, Size: 18 Inch (satin)

Atkinson Creations Beautiful Ocean...
Silver artisan Khun o handcrafted this necklace from Thailand. The necklace features an Ancient Tibetan Amulet for protection. Crafted in sterling silver, the pendant hangs from an 18-inch... Aeravida Handmade Ancient Tibetan Amulet Sterling Silver Necklace (Thailand) (18 inches), Women's, Size: 18 Inch (Metal)

Aeravida Handmade Ancient Tibetan...
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Featuring the image of a ram, a fierce warrior's mask hangs graces this handcrafted necklace. Putu Gede Darmawan designs a bold men's pendant necklace inspired by Siliwangi, the ancient... Novica Men's Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace, 'Siliwangi Mask' (Indonesia) (Necklace), Size Length: 20 inches Worldstock Country: Indonesia Product Features: Handmade Material: Sterling Silver Metal: Sterling Silver Story Behind the Art: Designing has...

Novica Men's Sterling Silver Pendant...
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The owl is an ancient animal of grace and mystery, and a powerful symbol of wisdom. -Handmade with carved detail-Fastened with heart and key clasp Material: 925 sterling silverMeasurements:... Silver Noble Owl Necklace

Silver Noble Owl Necklace

Monica Vinader Mini Marie Pendant - Intricate texture defines this elegant, wear-with-everything pendant handmade from sterling silver and named after a friend who gave designer Monica... Mini Marie Pendant - Metallic - Monica Vinader Necklaces

Mini Marie Pendant - Metallic -...

Monica Vinader
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The Modern Primitive collection takes inspiration from ancient history, artefacts and power symbols used as amulets to protect. This mini pendant necklace draws from the shape of primitive... Modern Primitive Mini Pendant Gold

Modern Primitive Mini Pendant Gold

The Modern Primitive collection takes inspiration from ancient history, artefacts and power symbols used as amulets to protect. This mini pendant necklace draws from the shape of primitive... Modern Primitive Mini Pendant Silver

Modern Primitive Mini Pendant Silver

Ani Muniz designs a fascinating necklace that contrasts Andean silver and sleek black leather. Tracing an inward path a sterling spiral pays tribute to ancient beliefs. The spiral... NOVICA Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Leather Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Handcrafted Sterling Silver...
Sharing the rich legacy of the ancient Maya Ruben and Gilda Perez recreate a hieroglyph in jade. It depicts a crocodile shark or turtle and is named Imox symbolizing the conscience the mind... NOVICA Jade pendant necklace

NOVICA Jade pendant necklace
Displaying hues of light green three jade beads form the pendant of this Guatemalan necklace. Representing valor wealth and spirituality for the ancient Maya the natural stone is celebrated... NOVICA Light Green Jade Beaded Pendant Necklace from Guatemala

NOVICA Light Green Jade Beaded...
Diminutive silver rods bear floral engravings inspired by ancient Lanna (northern Thai) design motifs. Centered by an argent bar this exquisite necklace reveals Sasithon Saisuk's design... NOVICA Hand Made Fine Silver Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Hand Made Fine Silver Pendant...
Sacred to the ancient Maya jade centers a beautiful sun in a necklace by Estuardo Jimenez. The sterling silver pendant features oxidized contrasts that result in an antiqued effect and is... NOVICA Jade Antiqued Sun Pendant on Sterling Silver Necklace

NOVICA Jade Antiqued Sun Pendant on...
By Ruben and Gilda Perez this necklace depicts an ancient eagle glyph in jade. Known as Tz'ikin the glyph is the symbol of freedom and love according to the Maya and the bird is a guardian.... NOVICA Jade pendant necklace

NOVICA Jade pendant necklace
Styled like the ancient Maltese cross this cross pendant necklace from Alok Jain makes an elegant statement of faith. The artisan adorns the sterling silver cross with cabochons of pale... NOVICA Larimar and Sterling Silver Cross Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Larimar and Sterling Silver...
Drawing inspiration from ancient Balinese warriors Komang Suastra designs this splendid pendant necklace to feature a proud face hand-carved from bone. A headdress of sterling silver is... NOVICA Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace from Bali

NOVICA Blue Topaz and Sterling Silver...
By Ruben and Gilda Perez this necklace depicts an ancient glyph in jade. Known as Aj it is the animal nahual that connects humans with deities. The armadillo sign represents the new... NOVICA Jade pendant necklace

NOVICA Jade pendant necklace
The eye of Horus stares out into the world in this sterling silver necklace from Pichaya. The eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol traditionally used to represent sacrifice and... NOVICA Sterling Silver Eye of Horus Pendant Necklace from Thailand

NOVICA Sterling Silver Eye of Horus...
A polished oval of natural jade reveals a lilac mystique on one side of this pendant while the reverse side features images of ancient Maya including a quetzal and a Maya temple. Zandra... NOVICA Jade pendant necklace

NOVICA Jade pendant necklace
An ancient Middle Eastern symbol of protection and prosperity the hamsa hand derives its name from the Arabic for five. The amulet has long been used to ward off the evil eye and is still... NOVICA Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand Pendant Necklace from Bali

NOVICA Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand...
A native to the Cajamarca region of Peru artisan Milagros Cacho engraves this pendant necklace with images of ancient petroglyphs located in the region. The cultural details add a unique... NOVICA Sterling Silver and Garnet Pendant Necklace from Peru

NOVICA Sterling Silver and Garnet...
For the ancient Maya the sun was a living being. Caught in the moon's embrace the sun moves from darkness to fertile green in this elegant necklace. Zandra Lorena Sajbin crafts the pendant... NOVICA Hand Crafted Sterling Silver Pendant Jade Necklace

NOVICA Hand Crafted Sterling Silver...
The ancient Maya believed that jade symbolized immortality. Today the people of Guatemala believe it represents hope. The Jimenez Family sets a jade cross in sterling silver to create a... NOVICA Handmade Sterling Silver and Jade Cross Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Handmade Sterling Silver and...
Bending in the breeze a venerable cacao tree flourishes in southern Mexico. Its cocoa beans symbolized power and glory to the ancient Aztecs. Working in sterling silver Annabel Humber... NOVICA Unique Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Unique Sterling Silver Pendant...
The rich colors of natural chrysocolla give rise to a mythical creature. Handcrafted of gleaming silver this pendant depicts an animal with the feet of a bird body of a llama and head of a... NOVICA Chrysocolla pendant necklace

NOVICA Chrysocolla pendant necklace
Historically worn to attract love jade was regarded as a sacred stone by the ancient Maya. Zandra Lorena Sajbin carves green jade into a voluptuous heart for the design of this necklace.... NOVICA Artisan Crafted Heart Shaped Jade Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Artisan Crafted Heart Shaped...
Neeru Goel draws on thousands of years of Indian tradition for this extraordinary design. Working in silver she crafts a pendant that recalls ancient Mughal queens. It dances on a sleek... NOVICA Onyx Pendant Necklace in Oxidized Sterling Silver from India

NOVICA Onyx Pendant Necklace in...