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Guaranteed Authentic! Necklace Red almandine garnet bead multistrand necklace featuring 18K yellow gold pendant with ancient coin, ruby cabochon and 0.05 carats of round brilliant diamonds... Necklace 18K Diamond, Ruby & Almandine Garnet Round Coin Red

Necklace 18K Diamond, Ruby &...

The RealReal
Check out this sterling silver symbol Om Medallion that makes an ancient sacred symbol from Hinduism and Buddhism come alive. The Om symbol pendant is perfect for use in your meditation or... 925 Sterling Silver Round Medallion Om Aum Pendant Necklace 18in

925 Sterling Silver Round Medallion...

Bling Jewelry
Wear your Irish pride the fashionable way. The Claddagh design is steeped in Celtic tradition. Our Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Claddagh Pendant with 18in Chain highlights the famous ancient... Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Claddagh Necklace 18in

Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Claddagh...

Bling Jewelry
The owl is an ancient animal of grace and mystery, and a powerful symbol of wisdom. Hand made with carved detail22k Gold plated silverChain: 45cm, fastened with heart and key claspNoble Owl... Gold Nobel Owl Necklace

Gold Nobel Owl Necklace

The owl is an ancient animal of grace and mystery, and a powerful symbol of wisdom. -Handmade with carved detail-Fastened with heart and key clasp Material: 925 sterling silverMeasurements:... Silver Noble Owl Necklace

Silver Noble Owl Necklace

The sultanate of Samudra Pasai was an ancient Islamic kingdom located in Sumatra. Putu Gede Darmawan of Indonesia pays homage to that ancient kingdom in this bold men's necklace designing a... NOVICA Sterling Silver Eagle Cross Pendant Necklace from Indonesia

NOVICA Sterling Silver Eagle Cross...
According to the ancient Maya Ee symbolizes the path of destiny and is associated with a lynx. This collection is inspired by a desire to turn a natural catastrophe like the Pacaya volcanic... NOVICA Men's Nahual Coconut Shell Leather Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Men's Nahual Coconut Shell...
The ancient Kan glyph represents the feathered serpent creator of the universe human evolution and spiritual development. The animal associated with Kan is the serpent. This collection is... NOVICA Men's Inspirational Leather Coconut Shell Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Men's Inspirational Leather...
Ancient Roman Glass Pendant on 18in oxidized sterling silver box chain. Ancient Roman Glass piece measures 12mm x 27mm and is inlaid in a bed of hammered sterling silver hanging from a... Ancient Roman Glass Pendant Necklace - 18", Women's, Size: 18 Inch, White

Ancient Roman Glass Pendant Necklace...
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The sea turtle is an ancient symbol that represents creation,endurance, determination, strength and stability. This handcraftedpiece features a beautiful sea turtle design with a glass dome... Atkinson Creations Beautiful Ocean Blue Sea Turtle Glass Dome Pendant Necklace (Sea Turtle pendant necklace), Women's, Size: 18 Inch (satin)

Atkinson Creations Beautiful Ocean...
Celtic Triskeliont pendant - This ancient symbol has an incredibly rich symbolic heritage revolving around the triad. Various interpretations include spirit, mind and body; past, present... Atkinson Creations Celtic Triskeliont Glass Pendant Necklace (Celtic Triskeliont glass pendant necklace), Women's, Size: 24 Inch, silver (satin)

Atkinson Creations Celtic Triskeliont...
The Modern Primitive collection takes inspiration from ancient history, artefacts and power symbols used as amulets to protect. This mini pendant necklace draws from the shape of primitive... Modern Primitive Mini Pendant Gold

Modern Primitive Mini Pendant Gold

Featuring the image of a ram a fierce warrior's mask hangs graces this handcrafted necklace. Putu Gede Darmawan designs a bold men's pendant necklace inspired by Siliwangi the ancient... NOVICA Sterling Silver Men's Ram Pendant Necklace from Indonesia

NOVICA Sterling Silver Men's Ram...
Putu Gede Darmawan designs this striking men's pendant necklace from Indonesia featuring the form of an elaborate sword. Handcrafted from sterling silver the pendant of this necklace... NOVICA Sterling Silver Sword Pendant Necklace from Indonesia

NOVICA Sterling Silver Sword Pendant...
The ancient Maya regarded Keme as the representation of the life and death cycle. The animal associated with Keme is the owl. This collection is inspired by a desire to turn a natural... NOVICA Men's volcanic ash pendant necklace

NOVICA Men's volcanic ash pendant...
To the ancient Maya Imox represents the god of rain and symbolizes fertility. The animals associated with Imox are the alligator crocodile shark and turtle. This collection is inspired by a... NOVICA Men's volcanic ash pendant necklace

NOVICA Men's volcanic ash pendant...
This design is a retrospective walk through the ancient cradle of civilization Egypt represented by the parallel rows of pyramids says Ralph Ashong of his design. Carved in teakwood the... NOVICA Men's Hand Crafted Leather and Wood Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Men's Hand Crafted Leather and...
To the ancient Maya I'x symbolizes the heart of Earth and the protection of nature. It is associated with the jaguar. This collection is inspired by a desire to turn a natural catastrophe... NOVICA Men's Nahual Leather Cord Coconut Shell Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Men's Nahual Leather Cord...
Designed by Putu Gede Darmawan this handsome pendant has two faces. One features a motif inspired by ancient fortresses in Bali while the other is covered with circles like bubbles. Crafted... NOVICA Men's Hand Made Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Men's Hand Made Sterling...
Putu Gede Darmawan designs this striking sterling silver men's necklace. The pendant depicts the blade of Gaja Mada a famous knight from the ancient Majapahit kingdom in Western Java. A... NOVICA Artisan Crafted Javanese Sterling Silver Men's Necklace

NOVICA Artisan Crafted Javanese...
Soaring line and vivid color capture the fire of romance. Alok Jain presents a dramatic garnet pendant on a sleek chain. Garnets are thought to warm and energize emotionally and physically... NOVICA Sterling Silver and Garnet Necklace Modern Necklace

NOVICA Sterling Silver and Garnet...
Represented by an armadillo the Aj glyph is associated with flourishing plants and represents the new generations according to the ancient Maya. Zandra Lorena Sajbin carves the ancient... NOVICA Handmade Nahual Pendant Jade Necklace

NOVICA Handmade Nahual Pendant Jade...
A symbol of ancient Thai royalty this elephant comes to life in sterling silver. Aoy presents the charming pendant on a beaded chain necklace. .925 Sterling silver NOVICA Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Sterling Silver Pendant...
Alessandra Foletti designs this light blue suede leather necklace inspired by ancient Maya art. The pewter pendant is centered by a spiral symbol of life according to the ancient Maya.... NOVICA Leather pendant necklace

NOVICA Leather pendant necklace
The pyramidal concept for my 'Palenque' collection came to me when I visited this ancient Maya City confides Mariana Llanes. The necklace is crafted of sterling silver featuring a... NOVICA Sterling Silver Necklace with Pyramidal Pendants from Mexico

NOVICA Sterling Silver Necklace with...
Set in sterling silver a light green jade leaf undulates in the soft Guatemalan breeze. Zandra Lorena Sajbin celebrates the endless beauty of jade sacred to the ancient Maya with this... NOVICA Fair Trade Sterling Silver Pendant Jade Necklace

NOVICA Fair Trade Sterling Silver...
Adriana de Gadea transforms the tumi the ceremonial knife of the ancient Inca Moche and Chimu cultures into a necklace of extraordinary elegance. The sterling silver pendant is masterfully... NOVICA Artisan Crafted Silver and Chrysocolla Pendant Necklace

NOVICA Artisan Crafted Silver and...
The eye of Horus stares out into the world in this sterling silver necklace from Pichaya. The eye of Horus is an ancient Egyptian symbol traditionally used to represent sacrifice and... NOVICA Sterling Silver Eye of Horus Pendant Necklace from Thailand

NOVICA Sterling Silver Eye of Horus...
A polished oval of natural jade reveals a lilac mystique on one side of this pendant while the reverse side features images of ancient Maya including a quetzal and a Maya temple. Zandra... NOVICA Jade pendant necklace

NOVICA Jade pendant necklace
Inspired by the attire of ancient Incan nobility the pendant of this necklace is designed to depict a face with an elaborate headdress and earrings. Peruvian artisan Dina designs the... NOVICA Sterling Silver and Ceramic Incan Pendant Necklace from Peru

NOVICA Sterling Silver and Ceramic...