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Great Create-Christi Friesen Mold: Sea What You Can Sea. Use the silicon mold with polymer, metal, epoxy, ceramic, air-dry or paper clay as well as resins. This is heat resistant so you can... Christi Friesen MoldSea What You Can Sea (Blue) (Sea What You Can Sea)

Christi Friesen MoldSea What You Can...
PME-People Mold Set. Use these molds to create decorative people figurines for your cakes or other baked goods. Can be used with a variety of pastes including: gum paste; flower paste;... People Mold Set (People), Brown almond

People Mold Set (People), Brown almond
Inhibit the growth of black mold and other toxic molds and fungus. Patented latex polymer allows EPA proven chemicals to filter through the latex matrix when only 10-percent ambient... 5-gallon Container Mold Inhibiting Liquid (5 gallon), Black #BGMI-5G

5-gallon Container Mold Inhibiting...
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