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Wear this Carolina Glamour Collection Viking protection amulet to give your look old-world flair. The high-quality sterling silver construction makes the necklace an elegant addition to... Carolina Glamour Collection Sterling Silver Viking Protection Amulet Pendant on Box Chain Necklace (N/A/20 Inch), Women's, White

Carolina Glamour Collection Sterling...
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A striking and substantial hand amulet with detailing on the palm of the hand and a smooth surface on the other side, representing protection. The pendant design is cast from an original... Datter Hand Amulet Necklace In Silver

Datter Hand Amulet Necklace In Silver

Silver artisan Khun o handcrafted this necklace from Thailand. The necklace features an Ancient Tibetan Amulet for protection. Crafted in sterling silver, the pendant hangs from an 18-inch... Aeravida Handmade Ancient Tibetan Amulet Sterling Silver Necklace (Thailand) (18 inches), Women's, Size: 18 Inch (Metal)

Aeravida Handmade Ancient Tibetan...
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Inspired by the ancient Egyptian symbolism, Thailand's Khun O' details a brilliant silver amulet medallion featuring the 'Eye of Horus'. The Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection, royal... Aeravida Handmade Eye of Horus Magical Egyptian Amulet .925 Silver Necklace (Thailand) (18 inches long), Women's, Size: 18 Inch (Metal)

Aeravida Handmade Eye of Horus...
$43.99 $37.39
Adorned with a hamsa pendant, a symbol from North Africa said to protect you from the evil eye, this Satya necklace is worn like an amulet, adding a touch of colour with a mysterious look.... Satya Embrace necklace

Satya Embrace necklace

An ancient Middle Eastern symbol of protection and prosperity the hamsa hand derives its name from the Arabic for five. The amulet has long been used to ward off the evil eye and is still... NOVICA Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand Pendant Necklace from Bali

NOVICA Sterling Silver Hamsa Hand...
Dean protection amulet in double face version. Wearer will gain double protection from vampire ghost or all other spooky stuffs. The length of the string is 18 inches. The amulet size is 1... DEAN';S NECKLACE Supernatural pendant protection amulet

DEAN';S NECKLACE Supernatural pendant...

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This token amulet can be worn discreetly at all times in hopes of gaining protection, strength, healing, and fertility from Thor. The Thor's Hammer Amulet Pendant depicts Mjolnir, the... Thor's Hammer Amulet Pendant - Silver

Thor's Hammer Amulet Pendant - Silver

By The Sword Inc
As a guardian of protection, this necklace was Michele’s translation to the traditional “St. Christopher” medal. In the sixties surfers wore this medal as a good luck piece to protect... Protect Me Amulet

Protect Me Amulet

Bella Branch
Turquoise Gemstone meaning Turquoise is one of the oldest protection amulets, and was also known as a symbol of wealth in many ancient cultures. Strength, protection from harm, psychic... 925 Sterling Silver Marcasite & Turquoise Heart Necklace

925 Sterling Silver Marcasite &...
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Viking protection talisman for a true lord. This Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pendant is a classic, ornate and highly intricate pagan amulet of power and protection, fit for a high ranking Saxon... Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pendant - Silver/Yellow

Amber Dragon Thorhammer Pendant -...

By The Sword Inc
This amulet is a metallic silvery black, very reflective of other colors, making it very unique. Hematite: Grounding, Protection, Positive Energy Hematite is VERY effective at grounding and... Earth Stone Pendant Stone Jewelry - Balance

Earth Stone Pendant Stone Jewelry -...

Gifted Pottery
Buddha Pendant For the Buddha within. A beautifully designed Buddha Pendant This is an image of the Lord Buddha in the posture of protection from evil and warding off fear, also known as... Buddha Pendant

Buddha Pendant

Big Happy Buddha
Known from legend and myth, the powerful hammer of the Norse god Thor as depicted in the Bindrune Hammer Pendant offers a classic protection amulet. This Mjolnir pendant displays a detailed... Bindrune Hammer Pendant - Silver

Bindrune Hammer Pendant - Silver

By The Sword Inc
Medusa gets a bad rap, but her image was often used as a symbol of protection for warriors in battle. Ward off bad juju with the power of Medusa in an amulet strung along a sterling silver... Medusa Necklace

Medusa Necklace

Italian silversmiths craft this amulet with exceptional detail. Diamond-cut with an openwork design, the hamsa hand necklace is a beautiful symbol of protection. Drop cannot be removed from... Italian Sterling Silver Openwork Hamsa Hand Necklace. 18"

Italian Sterling Silver Openwork...

Medusa gets a bad rap, but her image was often used as a symbol of protection for warriors in battle. Ward off bad juju with the power of Medusa in an amulet strung along a sterling silver... Medusa Necklace

Medusa Necklace

A talisman of protection, this hamsa hand pendant necklace features an open space design. In 14kt white gold, .11 ct. t.w. diamonds outline the amulet. Suspends from a rope chain with a 2"... .11ct t.w. Diamond-Outlined Hamsa Hand Pendant Necklace. 18"

.11ct t.w. Diamond-Outlined Hamsa...

This pendant takes form of a 'Hamsa' amulet. Set in sterling silver, 'Hamsa' depicts an open right hand as a sign of protection from the evil eye. Product Features: Condition: New Metal:... Aeravida Handmade Hand of Hamsa Protection Symbol .925 Silver Pendant (Thailand) (Hamsa), Women's (satin)

Aeravida Handmade Hand of Hamsa...
$23.69 $20.14
Designed after the ancient palm-shaped protection amulet common to the Middle East and Africa, this Hamsa Hand Pendant Necklace features a sterling silver design and bright cubic zirconia... La Preciosa Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Hamsa Hand Necklace (Hamsa Hand Necklace), Women's, Size: 18 Inch, White

La Preciosa Sterling Silver Cubic...