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"In 1517, Martin Luther’s act of protest, nailing a copy of his radical tract ""The Ninety-Five Theses"" on the door of the Wittenberg Cathedral, ignited a religious movement that would... European Silver 4-Coin Collection The Crisis of Faith

European Silver 4-Coin Collection The...
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The first coin in the Egyptian Symbols Collection. The Ankh is understood as a symbol of early religious pluralism: all sects believed in a common story of eternal life, and this is the... 2014 Palau 3 oz Silver Gilded Egyptian Symbols (Ankh)

2014 Palau 3 oz Silver Gilded...
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A Trio of 2" x 2" photo frames are featured on three sides of this silver plated coin bank. This religious gift is ideal as a baptism, christening or First Communion gift. With a cross on... Silver Cross Photo Bank

Silver Cross Photo Bank