This coral statuary with its soft teal color makes a stunning tabletop accent. Specifications: Height: 14" Width: 3" Depth: 17.5" Material: Resin IMAX Home 53077 Haines Teal Coral N/A Home Decor Statues & Figurines

IMAX Home 53077 Haines Teal Coral N/A...
$76.83 $48.85


I’d like to be under the sea, in an octopus’s garden in the shade of this lovely coral sculpture, faithfully rendered in Polyresin. Specifications: Height: 11.5" Width: 14.5" Depth: 9"... IMAX Home 53112 Pavaka Coral Figurine N/A Home Decor Statues &

IMAX Home 53112 Pavaka Coral Figurine...
$157.47 $92.91


The coastal trend has legs: Eight to be exact. Witness this silvery denizen of the deep realistically rendered in Polyresin. Specifications: Height: 6.25" Width: 13" Depth: 12" Product... IMAX Home 53107 Oceana The Octopus N/A Home Decor Statues & Figurines

IMAX Home 53107 Oceana The Octopus...
$99.55 $58.74


Let Mary welcome your guests to your home with open arms.The statue features a reverent Mary with hands open.Mary stands 2.5 foot tall.MGO statuary suitable for outdoor use.The statue has a... Winsome House Mary 29.9''H Religious Statue - Natural, WH004

Winsome House Mary 29.9''H Religious...

$109.99 $88.99
Surrounded by flowers the Virgin of Guadalupe is queen of the heavens. She first appeared in Mexico in 1531 and as proof of her visit the Virgin caused roses to bloom at the site. Named... NOVICA Religious Wooden Catholic Retablo Sculpture

NOVICA Religious Wooden Catholic...
Francis Agbete sets the birth of Jesus in an African palm house. Carved by hand from kapok wood this charming nativity scene depicts the Holy Family in traditional Ghanaian dress. The Three... NOVICA Handcrafted Wood Nativity Religious Sculpture

NOVICA Handcrafted Wood Nativity...
This dancing frog in purple pink violet and lilac captivates with the vibrancy of Mexican artistry. Zeny and Reyna transform a branch of the copal tree into the whimsical creature and paint... NOVICA Purple Hand Crafted Alebrije Style Frog Figurine Sculpture

NOVICA Purple Hand Crafted Alebrije...
The Angel stands at 1.5 foot tall.Beautifully detailed wings.Angel is holding a bouquet of flowers.Polyresin statue is suitable for outdoor use.Spray with hose, and wipe off any residue to... Winsome House Angel with Bouquet 16.7''H Religious Statue, WH016

Winsome House Angel with Bouquet...

$48.99 $43.99
Show your love for animals with St. Francis in your garden.The statue features St. Francis with bird perched on arm, and squirrel perched on tree stump.St. Francis stands over 2.5 foot... Winsome House St. Francis 31.1''H Religious Statue - Natural, WH003

Winsome House St. Francis 31.1''H...

$109.99 $91.99
Angel cherub figurine statues friendship christmas gift painted w crown and pearls shabby distressed chic holiday home decor anita spero design these are little angel statue figurines. You... Angel Cherub Figurine Statues Friendship Christmas Gift Painted W Crown and Pearls Shabby Distresse

Angel Cherub Figurine Statues...

Metal gold reindeer figurine covered in glitter beads and sequins. Absolutely stunning! Add some sparkle to your holiday decor! 18.75' tall from top most part of reindeer antler to base 9'... Glittery Reindeer Gold Glitter Figurine Statue Figure Sequined Beaded Golden Christmas Holiday

Glittery Reindeer Gold Glitter...

Ancient Egyptians believed cats to be the embodiment of Bastet, the goddess of the sun s warmth and life-giving power. Cats were so revered that they were often mummified upon death and... 47" Ancient Egyptian Large Cat Goddess Bastet Statue Sculpture Figurine

47" Ancient Egyptian Large Cat...

This grand, nearly three-foot-tall, collectible Egyptian urn sculpture pays homage to Khnum, the ram-headed god who created mankind. Fraught with the rich history and culture of an ancient... 29.5" Classic Egyptian Statue God Khnum Pedestal Urn Statue Sculpture Figurine

29.5" Classic Egyptian Statue God...

These Two Majestic Rams Resting On The High Cliffs Of A Mountain In A Carefree Manner. The Handmade Bronze Sculpture Was Cast Using The Age-Old Method Of Lost-Wax Casting And Stained With A... Two Rams On A Cliff Bronze Sculpture Statue Hot Cast Marble Base Statue Figurine

Two Rams On A Cliff Bronze Sculpture...

Specifications: Sizes: A:14 x 10 x 22cm/5.51'' x 3.94'' x 8.66'' B:13 x 10 x 23.5cm/5.12'' x 3.94'' x 9.25'' C:12 x 9 x 23cm/4.72'' x 3.54'' x 9.06'' Colors:As Shown Package Included: 1 x... Hand Carved Figurine Statues Abstract Thinker

Hand Carved Figurine Statues Abstract...

$32.00 $15.55


Multiple Skulls Head Decoration Skull of Bones The 'Multiple Skulls Head' - Skull of Bones is an amazing piece; the skull is made up of miniature skulls and bones of all shapes and sizes;... LED Homosapiens Skull Statue Figurine Human Shaped Skeleton Head Halloween Decor

LED Homosapiens Skull Statue Figurine...

$20.00 $9.56


Dimensions: 8L x 12W x 10H in.. Made of polyresin. Angel rests peacefully with her head on her knee. Lightly weathered almond finish. Inside of wings are faced with mosaic glass. Gold... Northlight Mosaic Glass Winged Religious Resting Angel Outdoor Garden Statue - 32229697

Northlight Mosaic Glass Winged...

$49.99 $39.77
Canine beauty is expressed in gorgeous abstraction through this table top dog sculpture. Taking inspiration from the sleek lines of a greyhound, this figurine depicts a majestic dog seated... Gallery White Resin Dog Statue Abstract Greyhound Decorative Figurine Sculpture Table Top Decor

Gallery White Resin Dog Statue...
Bring some uniqueness to your home with this cement tree branch sculpture. This sculpture has three (3) mounted bird figurines with a washed white concrete finish. Brand: Urban trends... Urban Trends Collection Cement Tree Branch Sculpture with 3 Mounted Bird Figurines Washed Concrete Finish White (Cement Sculpture Washed Concrete Finish White)

Urban Trends Collection Cement Tree...
Urban Trends
Medium Detailed Nautical Birchwood Sail Boat with Canvas Sails Specifications: Height: 30" Width: 30.5" Depth: 4.75" Product Weight: 17.7 lbs Material: Wood IMAX Home 5087 Medium Sailboat N/A Home Decor Statues & Figurines

IMAX Home 5087 Medium Sailboat N/A...
$117.27 $75.67


Bulldog lovers beware - this little guy is sure to steal your heart. With loveable features and silver finish, this dog figurine is a great gift for any collector or bulldog enthusiast.... IMAX Home 53061 Maximus Stick Silver Dog Statue N/A Home Decor Statues

IMAX Home 53061 Maximus Stick Silver...
$64.28 $41.82


Papa mama and baby rabbit are munching on delicious treats in a set of figurines by Diana Dewi. The bunnies are carved from pule wood and masterfully decorated with batik canting techniques... NOVICA Wood Batik Rabbit Family Figurine Sculptures (Set of 3)

NOVICA Wood Batik Rabbit Family...
Illustrious guardian of the night this owl stares into the distance with big round eyes. The kadam wood statuette is carved by hand with an amazing care for every feathery detail. From... NOVICA Collectible Hand Carved Wood Figurine Sculpture

NOVICA Collectible Hand Carved Wood...
Jose Canil sculpts the image of a snarling jaguar honoring the beliefs of the ancient Maya people. The jaguar was regarded as the god protector of fields and harvests so nobody harmed it.... NOVICA Wood Figurine Sculpture Crafted by Hand

NOVICA Wood Figurine Sculpture...
Holding a ball in its raised trunk an elephant escorts Mughal royals dressed in a handsome cloak trimmed with gold. From India's Dayal J. Daryanani the kadam wood figurine is carved by hand... NOVICA Collectible Indian Elephant Figurine Wood Sculpture

NOVICA Collectible Indian Elephant...
Cesar Gonzales captures the instinctive and yet magical allure of parrots engaged in courtship. Standing on a glistening white onyx tree trunk the birds show off their detailed feathers and... NOVICA Gemstone Serpentine and Onyx Bird Figurine Sculpture Pair

NOVICA Gemstone Serpentine and Onyx...
Pietrina Checcacci captures the unique textures of a leaf as replicates its natural beauty in bronze. She uses a real leaf as model to ensure a vivid representation through this figurine... NOVICA Signed Bronze Figurine Sculpture from Brazil

NOVICA Signed Bronze Figurine...
Catrina is the picture of elegance for Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. Inspired by the 1900s political cartoons by Posadas this spectacular figurine is crafted by hand with fused... NOVICA Day of the Dead Art Glass Figurine Sculpture from Mexico

NOVICA Day of the Dead Art Glass...
A curious little giraffe looks to the heavens in this endearing copal wood figurine from Mexico. Zeny and Reyna carve the sculpture by hand and paint it with exquisite detail. The giraffe's... NOVICA Wood Giraffe Figurine Sculpture Artisan Crafted in Mexico

NOVICA Wood Giraffe Figurine...
Dressed in ruby emerald and golden colors a proud elephant symbolizes the customs and traditions of India in a figurine from Dayal J. Daryanani. The handsome elephant figurine is carved by... NOVICA Hand Painted Wood Elephant Figurine Sculpture from India

NOVICA Hand Painted Wood Elephant...