The Imperial Eyes of Machu Pichu are contemporary treasures of art to wear says Roberto de Villacis who entrusted his design to Novica artist Carlos Gonzalez to craft. This collection is a... from the Roberto de Villacis Collection' - Sterling

from the Roberto de Villacis...
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This golden-hued necklace from Ritu Thapar in India looks for all the world like it was unearthed from a royal tomb. However it is crafted by hand of humble terracotta ceramic and painted... Ceramic pendant necklace, 'Ancient Treasure'

Ceramic pendant necklace, 'Ancient...
Nongluck Chompurat treasures silver beads resembling Thailand's pod duang coins for the design of this necklace. Stamped with tiny flowers the silver beads are braided into the black cotton... Silver flower necklace, 'Midnight Blooms'

Silver flower necklace, 'Midnight...
A treasure in sterling silver, this extraordinary necklace is abundant with Indonesian style. Designed to look like a coin from an imaginary kingdom, the handmade pendant at the center is... Novica Sterling Artisan Crafted LongPendant Necklac,

Novica Sterling Artisan Crafted...

The fluted contours of a scallop shell open to hold a tiny personal treasure. Shaped of shining silver the polished seashell comes from Bali's Nyoman Rena. The talented jeweler presents the... 'Seashell' - Sterling Silver Locket Necklace

'Seashell' - Sterling Silver Locket...
Zayd Makarim recreates an ornate coin from an imaginary kingdom. A treasure in sterling silver it becomes an extraordinary pendant with Indonesian style. The ornate design is inspired by... Sterling silver pendant necklace, 'Destiny'

Sterling silver pendant necklace,...
Shining tendrils set on dark oxidized silver become a tiny treasure chest necklace. From Bhavesh the locket is a prayer box used by followers of many religions. These are designed to focus... 'Prayer Chest' - Sterling Silver Locket Necklace

'Prayer Chest' - Sterling Silver...