Illuminate your bedroom or living room with this stunning Mission-style lamp. Stained glass panels and an intricate design create artistic beauty, and the uplight design brings clear light... River of Goods Bronze Stained Glass 10.5-inch High Mission-style Uplight Accent Lamp (Stained Glass Mission Uplight Accent Lamp), Blue (Art Glass)

River of Goods Bronze Stained Glass...
$88.99 $80.09
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Enhance your home dcor with the striped Tiffany-style table lamp by Exavyera. Handcrafted using hand-cut pieces of stained glass wrapped in fine copper foil, this beautiful lamp... Exavyera Tiffany-style Stained-glass 2-light Table Lamp (Strip Stained Glass 25-inch Table Lamp), Brown (Art Glass)

Exavyera Tiffany-style Stained-glass...
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Complement your favorite reading chair with this Zocha stained glass Tiffany floor lamp. This lamp uses three 60-watt bulbs to thoroughly light up your room. Includes 60 inches of cord... Warehouse of Tiffany Zocha Green Floral Stained Glass 26.5-inch 3-light Floor Lamp (Zocha Stained Glass 26.5-inch Floor Lamp) (Art Glass)

Warehouse of Tiffany Zocha Green...
$346.99 $312.29
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Offer guests an elegant view of your decor with this red dragonfly stained glass lamp. This table lamp features a bronze finish for easy matching and an easy-to-operate pull chain to light... Warehouse of Tiffany Zenevieva Red Dragonfly Stained Glass 16-inch 2-light Table Lamp (Zenevieva Red Dragonfly Stained Glass Table Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

Warehouse of Tiffany Zenevieva Red...
$106.99 $96.29
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Handcrafted, old-world elegance complements and illuminates your home with the addition of this beautifully styled butterfly sconce. Made by artisans from individually hand-cut and... Dindy Blue, Green, Pink, and Red Glass 8-inch 2-light Tiffany-Style Stained Glass Butterfly Wall Lamp (8-inch Stained Glass Butterfly Wall Lamp)

Dindy Blue, Green, Pink, and Red...
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Indulge yourself in the beauty of stained glass when you turn on this stunning Tiffany-style lamp. This lamp provides ample light while also serving as an artistic statement in your home.... Warehouse of Tiffany Zohndra 2-light Abstract Stained Glass 16.5-inch Table Lamp (Zohndra Abstract Stained Glass Table Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

Warehouse of Tiffany Zohndra 2-light...
$99.99 $89.99
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Give the gift of an heirloom-quality accessory with this stained glass table lamp. This Tiffany-style piece is made with hand-cut stained glass wrapped in copper foil for brilliant color.... Warehouse of Tiffany Zohara 2-light Multicolor Stained Glass 18-inch Table Lamp (Zohara Stained Glass 18-inch Table Lamp), Blue (Art Glass)

Warehouse of Tiffany Zohara 2-light...
$113.99 $102.59
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Create a vintage look in your room with ease when you switch on this elegant Aurora table lamp. Featuring Roman-stained Tiffany-style glass, this attractive lamp features two lights to cast... Warehouse of Tiffany Aurora Multicolored Glass/Resin 21-inch 2-light Roman Stained-glass Table Lamp (Roman Stained Glass 21-inch Table Lamp), Brown

Warehouse of Tiffany Aurora...
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Evoke the beauty of a bygone era with this Tiffany-style stained glass table lamp. This handcrafted lamp has a classic look with stained glass and bronze and uses pull-chains for easy on... Zathura Tiffany-style Tulip Stained Glass 16-inch 2-light Table Lamp (Zathura Tulip Stained Glass Table Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

Zathura Tiffany-style Tulip Stained...
$106.99 $96.29
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Introduce an elegant decorative element into your home with this handcrafted two-light table lamp in bronze and neutral tones. Pull chains let you easily operate this lamp, providing ample... Warehouse of Tiffany Zenayda 2-light Off-white Stained Glass 16-inch Table Lamp (Zenayda Off-white Lily Stained Glass Table Lamp), Brown (Art Glass)

Warehouse of Tiffany Zenayda 2-light...
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This lamp has been handcrafted using the same techniques employed by Louis Tiffany in the 1900s. Designed in shades of red, green, blue and ivory, with touches of purple and fuschia, each... Warehouse of Tiffany Aussie 27-inch 2-light Tiffany-style Rose Stained Glass Table Lamp (27-inch Rose Stained Glass Table Lamp), Blue

Warehouse of Tiffany Aussie 27-inch...
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Illuminate a room while adding an artistic touch with this Shiyee Love Birds table lamp. Featuring a stained glass shade and accents and a bronze, sculpted base, this lamp brings the beauty... Warehouse of Tiffany Shiyee Love Birds Stained Glass 26-inch 2-light Table Lamp (Shiyee Love Birds Stained Glass Table Lamp), Beige

Warehouse of Tiffany Shiyee Love...
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Illuminate your home decor with the light of this stained glass pendant lamp. The fixture uses a 60-watt incandescent bulb to bring light and warmth to hallways, dining rooms, and bedrooms... Warehouse of Tiffany Lacey 1-light Stained Glass 41.5-inch Pendant Hanging Lamp (Stained Glass 41.5-inch Pendant Hanging Lamp), Green

Warehouse of Tiffany Lacey 1-light...
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Illuminate the game room, garage or collection with this officially licensed Chevy pendant light. This premium lighting fixture looks great on or off with full color vinyl applications used... Trademark Gameroom 'Chevy' Stained Glass 16-inch Stained Glass Pendant Light (Cheverolet, black, white, gold,)

Trademark Gameroom 'Chevy' Stained...
$147.30 $132.57
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Light up your home with the unique style of this Flora table lamp. This three-light table lamp is carefully crafted of metal and glass to bring you a high-quality piece that will last in... Flora 3-light Floral 26-inch Stained Glass Tiffany-style Table Lamp (26-inch Stained Glass Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Blue

Flora 3-light Floral 26-inch Stained...
$150.99 $135.89
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Bring Tiffany-style elegance to any corner of the home with this stained-glass floor lamp. Brilliantly colored pieces of glass form an intricate pattern on the shade and provide a striking... River of Goods Tiffany-style Stained-glass 59-inch-high Side Arm Floor Lamp (Stained Glass Harvest Floor Lamp), Blue (Art Glass)

River of Goods Tiffany-style...
$252.99 $227.69
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Invite a flutter of beautiful color into your home with this distinctive glass butterfly lamp. Made of 68 pieces of stained glass, this lovely lamp creates a multicolored glow that enhances... River of Goods Stained Glass 9.5-inch Tiffany Style Flying Butterfly Accent Lamp (Stained Glass Flying Butterfly Accent Lamp), Blue (Art Glass)

River of Goods Stained Glass 9.5-inch...
$59.99 $53.99
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This Tiffany Style Webbed Heart stained glass panel lap features a glass panel with over 175 pieces of ripple glass Edwardian Hearts. The striking background has striated glass and... River of Goods 21.75 Inch Tiffany Style Stained Glass Webbed Hearts Panel Lamp (Webbed Hearts Stained Glass Panel Lamp), Blue (Art Glass)

River of Goods 21.75 Inch Tiffany...
$167.49 $150.74
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Lend a touch of personality to your living room or dining room decor with this Tiffany-style hanging pendant lamp. The bold pops of color in the shade and hanging K9 crystals draw eyes to... River of Goods Tiffany Style Stained Glass and Crystals 19-inch High Hanging Pendant Lamp (Stained Glass and Crystals Pendant Lamp), Beige (Art Glass)

River of Goods Tiffany Style Stained...
$305.99 $275.39
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Unusual Elegance! The mixture of light and dark in shades of red, pink, yellow and green will capture your eye in this stunning Tiffany Style Table Lamp. The unique shape of the shade is... River of Goods Beaded, Stained Glass Tiffany-Style Table Lamp (30.5 in.) (Stained Glass Beaded Brianne's Table Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

River of Goods Beaded, Stained Glass...
$218.49 $196.64
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Light your table in Baroque style with this stained glass lamp. A pull-chain switch easily illuminates the 201 pieces of colored glass and 30 cabochons that make up the brilliant... River of Goods 20-inch Vivienne Baroque-style Stained Glass Green Table Lamp (Baroque Style Stained Glass Green Table Lamp), Blue (Art Glass)

River of Goods 20-inch Vivienne...
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Hand crafted, this Downton Abbey table lamp features a beautiful stained glass shade, offering a classic look. The simple and sleek base allows the shade all the attention it deserves. This... Downton Abbey Crowned Yorkshire Collection Stained Glass Table Lamp (Downton Abbey Crowned Yorkshire Stained Glass Lamp), Brown (Art Glass)

Downton Abbey Crowned Yorkshire...
$162.94 $146.65
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Bring light to your desk or side table with the soft glow of this lamp. The stained glass dome shade offers an intricate design with bold, dark colors. Traditional Tiffany-style lamp with... River of Goods Brianne's 30.5-inch Stained Glass Beaded Table Lamp (30.5" Tall Stained Glass Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

River of Goods Brianne's 30.5-inch...
$229.98 $206.98
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Warm up the look of a side table with this 24-inch lamp. The bronze base gives this piece a vintage feel, and 280 individual pieces of glass enhance the light from the three bulbs at the... Warehouse of Tiffany Angie Double-lit Stained Glass 24-inch Turtleback-style Table Lamp (Stained Glass Red Turtleback-style Table Lamp)

Warehouse of Tiffany Angie Double-lit...
$87.99 $79.19
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Ideal accent lamp as a gift to that special someone or for any living space. The shade is designed with vibrant red poinsettia flowers that are complemented by accents of green and yellow... River of Goods 12.5-inch Tiffany Style Stained Glass Poinsettia Accent Lamp (12.5" H Stained Glass Poinsettia Accent Table Lamp), Brown (Resin)

River of Goods 12.5-inch Tiffany...
$49.99 $44.99
Light up your living room or bedroom with this gorgeous dragonfly-inspired, Tiffany-style table lamp. The stained glass pieces create a soft and colorful light that will bring elegance and... Tiffany-style 15.5-inch Dragonfly Double-lit Stained Glass Table Lamp (15.5" Dragonfly Stained Glass Table Lamp), Green

Tiffany-style 15.5-inch Dragonfly...
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Cast an elegant light in your home with this darling floor lamp. With its slim stem and illustrious shade composed of 372 hand-cut glass pieces and 51 cabochons, this light fixture creates... River of Goods Allistar Amber Stained Glass and Resin 3-light 64-inch High Downlight Floor Lamp (Blue) (Art Glass)

River of Goods Allistar Amber Stained...
$271.49 $244.34
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Decorate a console or side table with this gorgeous Tiffany-style lamp, featuring hand-cut stained glass wrapped in copper foil. A double-lit design provides light from the lamp's shade and... Warehouse of Tiffany Zulaica 3-light Double-lit Stained Glass 18.5-inch Table Lamp (Zulaica Double-lit 18.5-inch Table Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

Warehouse of Tiffany Zulaica 3-light...
$141.99 $127.79
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Install this Tiffany-style fixture to create a sophisticated look and provide glowing overhead illumination. This fixture features a stained-glass design with pretty yellow flowers that... Tiffany-style Green and Yellow Flowers Stained Glass and Antique-bronze-finished Resin 12-inch Flush-mount Light Fixture (Green) (Art Glass)

Tiffany-style Green and Yellow...
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Give your room a fresh, elegant look with this flush-mount light fixture featuring a Tiffany-style design. This fixture has a timeless stained glass look for a beautiful and welcoming glow... Beige Stained Glass 12-inch Round Peacock Tiffany-style Flush-mount Light (Off White) (Art Glass)

Beige Stained Glass 12-inch Round...
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