Intricate design etched on thin brass sheet. Dangling glass bead at the base.Made with glass beads. Lead and nickle-free.Intricate design etched on thin brass sheet. Dangling glass bead at... Handmade Sweet Petal Earrings (India) (Sweet Petal Earrings (India)), Women's, Silver, Size 1 (Beads)

Handmade Sweet Petal Earrings (India)...
$15.99 $13.59
These stately earrings of gold metal coins and brown beads perfectly exemplify classic Indian designs. Crafted by skilled artisans, these earrings are sure to please. Features: Handcrafted... Handmade Goldtone Market Dangle Earrings (India) (Market Earrings- Gold), Women's, Brown (Glass)

Handmade Goldtone Market Dangle...
$14.59 $12.40
These tri-color, handmade earrings are finely detailed with various patterns in beautiful tones of copper and gold that stand out in front of the dark brown, brass background. Not only do... Handmade Brass Tri-flower Earrings (India) (Tri-flower Earrings), Women's, Brown

Handmade Brass Tri-flower Earrings...
$21.59 $18.35
Elevate your outfit with these elegant art deco-inspired teardrop earrings. Featuring a scalloped goldtone accent at the bottom of these teardrop shaped bone earrings, these cruelty-free... Handmade Anika Gold Teardrop Earrings (India) (Anika Teardrop Earrings - Gold), Women's (Brass)

Handmade Anika Gold Teardrop Earrings...
$17.39 $14.78
Repetitive handpainted and etched patterns lay against these goldtoned metal earrings. The soft cool tones against the beautiful yellow gold make for an earring that will complement any... Handmade Matsya Floral Medallion Earrings (India) (Matsya Earrings), Women's, Gold

Handmade Matsya Floral Medallion...
$20.99 $17.84
With such stunning and classy details, these handcrafted earrings are sure to impress. Brass beads embroidered with sequins give an elegant, medieval-inspired look to these teardrop shaped... Handmade Silvertone Cleopatra Dangle Earrings (India) (Cleopatra Earrings - Silver), Women's, White (cotton, embroidered)

Handmade Silvertone Cleopatra Dangle...
$14.89 $12.66
Handmade from upcycled transformer and electronics, these unique earrings feature five glass beads hanging from two metal teardrops. Delicate wire wrap details and a one-of-a-kind design... Handmade Upcycled Wire Elements Blue/ Silver Dangle Earrings (India) (Upcycled Wire Elements Earrings - Blue/Silver), Women's (Beads)

Handmade Upcycled Wire Elements Blue/...
$16.79 $14.27
Earrings with three stately silver coins hanging from a half crescent divided by glass turquoise beads. Story Behind the Art: Wages have increased for this group, and family income is about... Handmade Turquoise Market Dangle Earrings (India) (Market Earrings- Turquoise), Women's, Green (Glass)

Handmade Turquoise Market Dangle...
$15.59 $13.25
Bring boho chic to your look with these convex shaped goldtone earrings with intricate, traditional, embossed design named for India's famous warrior queen. Handmade by a talented group of... Handmade Fair Trade Maratha Queen Goldtone Dangling Earrings (India) (Maratha Queen Earrings - Gold), Women's, Size 1 (Brass)

Handmade Fair Trade Maratha Queen...
$18.89 $16.06
Artisans use upcycled wire, copper and glass beads to create bold geometric jewelry designs that are trendy, yet earthy. These earrings are gold wire with dark amber glass beads. Story... Handmade Amber Wire Dot Dangle Earrings (India) (Amber Wire Dot Earrings), Women's, Brown (Copper)

Handmade Amber Wire Dot Dangle...
$16.89 $14.36
These hand-painted earrings feature an etched repetitive pattern of golden fish emerging from center of earring. In Hindu culture, fish are symbolic of transformation in respect to the... Handmade Tzolk'in Pink Floral Medallion Earrings (India) (Tzolk'in Earrings- Pink), Women's

Handmade Tzolk'in Pink Floral...
$16.89 $14.36
These scalloped teardrop earrings hang lightly and comfortably so the wearer can add a touch of art deco to their look all day. Story Behind the Art: Wages have increased for this group,... Handmade Art Deco Goldtone Scallop Earrings (India) (Art Deco Scallop Earrings- Gold), Women's (Brass)

Handmade Art Deco Goldtone Scallop...
$18.99 $16.14
Featuring an embossed classic Indian motif design on convex shaped earrings named for India's famous warrior queen, this ornate jewelry is a proud cultural tradition in India and every... Handmade Expressions "Rani of Jhansi" Brass Statement Earrings (India) (Rani of Jhansi Earrings), Women's, Brown

Handmade Expressions "Rani of Jhansi"...
$19.99 $16.99
Embossed with an intricate and elegant design, these silvertone brass earrings are convex shaped for a unique, exotic look. Named for India's famous warrior queen, these artisan-made... Handmade Expressions Maratha Silver Queen Earrings (India) (Maratha Queen Earrings - Silver), Women's (Brass)

Handmade Expressions Maratha Silver...
$20.09 $17.08
Elevate your style with these beautiful art deco-inspired teardrop earrings. Handmade from cruelty-free bone, these earrings make an elegant statement with a scalloped silvertone accent at... Handmade Anika Silver Teardrop Earrings (India) (Anika Teardrop Earrings - Silver), Women's (Brass)

Handmade Anika Silver Teardrop...
$17.49 $14.87
Lightweight brass earrings handmade by artisans in the Indian state of Orissa. Each bead is created by pouring hot brass into molds, giving them their unique shape. Make a statement with... Handmade Orissa Chandi Earrings (India) (Orissa Chandi Earrings), Women's, metal (Brass)

Handmade Orissa Chandi Earrings...
$18.59 $15.80
Artisans use upcycled wire, copper and glass beads to create these stylish, fun jewelry designs that are inspired by elements of nature. These earrings are wire encircling glass beads.... Handmade Upwire Teal-drop Dangle Earrings (India) (Upwire Jewelry - Tealdrop Earrings), Women's, Gold (Beads)

Handmade Upwire Teal-drop Dangle...
$21.99 $18.69
Show off some handmade elegance with these Cleopatra earrings. These dangling earrings feature a teardrop shape adorned with brass beads and sequins to catch the light just right. The... Handmade Cleopatra Earrings - Gold (India) (Cleopatra Earrings - Gold), Women's (Brass)

Handmade Cleopatra Earrings - Gold...
$20.19 $17.16
Adorn your ears with these handmade Buddha knot earrings for an rustic, artistic look. The earrings are crafted from goldtone brass for a shimmering polished look with a traditional feel.... Handmade Buddha Knot Earrings - Gold (India) (Buddha Knot Earrings- Gold), Women's (Brass)

Handmade Buddha Knot Earrings - Gold...
$23.59 $20.05
Repetitive pattern of golden fish emerge from center of earring. Fish is a common symbol in Hindu sanskrit. Handpainted and etched patterns on golden metal base perfectly combine to create... Handmade Tzolk'in Brass Medallion Earrings (India) (Tzolk'in Earrings), Women's, Yellow

Handmade Tzolk'in Brass Medallion...
$23.99 $20.39
Add a bright jewelry accent to any outfit with these handmade earrings. Made from goldtone brass with a turquoise enamel, these earrings feature a Bodhi tree motif for a traditional look.... Handmade Tranquil Bodhi Earrings (India) (Tranquil Bodhi Earrings), Women's, turquoise (Brass)

Handmade Tranquil Bodhi Earrings...
$13.49 $11.47
Five glass beads hang playfully from two metal teardrops in these earrings with delicate wire wrap details. Handmade from upcycled transformer and electronics wires. Exclusive design. Story... Handmade Upcycled Wire Elements Red/ Gold Earrings (India) (Upcycled Wire Elements Earrings - Red/Gold), Women's (Beads)

Handmade Upcycled Wire Elements Red/...
$18.29 $15.55
Made with Art Noveau design in mind, these hoop earrings are handcrafted from brass, making each pair one of a kind. Silvertoned,these earrings will easily match any out as they hang... Handmade Expressions Selene Hoop Earrings - Silver (India) (Selene Hoop Earrings - Silver), Women's (Brass)

Handmade Expressions Selene Hoop...
$22.69 $19.29
These stunning sun medallion earrings are handmade by artists in India for a unique addition to your collection. Made of silver colored brass, these earrings feature an intricate radial sun... Handmade Expressions Brass Sun Medallion Earrings (India) (Sun Medallion Earrings-Silver), Women's, Silver

Handmade Expressions Brass Sun...
$17.39 $14.78
Lightweight brass and enamel earrings with traditional motifs of India. Exclusive design. Product Features: Worldstock Country: India Product Features: Handmade, One of a Kind Material:... Handmade Padma Red Medallion Earrings (India) (Padma Earrings-Red), Women's, Yellow (Brass)

Handmade Padma Red Medallion Earrings...
$28.99 $24.64
These handmade earrings are sure to become a unique addition to your outfit and jewelry collection. The brass construction features floral designs and a wooden waning moon drop. Brass hooks... Handmade Earth and Fire Lunar Earrings (India) (Earth & Fire Lunar Earrings), Women's (Brass, floral)

Handmade Earth and Fire Lunar...
$20.89 $17.76
Recycled wire in funky pattern is complemented with a turquoise stone and spiral embellishment to create these chic dangle earrings. Featuring a matte gold finish on metal, these Fair Trade... Handmade Gold tone Curve Wire and Turquoise Dangle Earrings (India) (Curve Wire Earrings), Women's, Yellow (Brass)

Handmade Gold tone Curve Wire and...
$15.09 $12.83
These beautiful earrings feature circle medallions with an engraved black design. The goldtone color add an ethnic vibe to your outfit. They were handmade from brass by artisans in India.... Handmade Gold Colored Brass Sun Medallion Earrings (India) (Sun Medallion Earrings - Gold), Women's, Yellow

Handmade Gold Colored Brass Sun...
$18.49 $15.72
These dangle earrings feature two stately silver coins layered under a small black glass bead for a look subtle, rustic look. Crafted by skilled artisans, these earrings are sure to please.... Handmade Black Market Dangle Earrings (India) (Market Earrings- Black), Women's (Glass)

Handmade Black Market Dangle Earrings...
$17.69 $15.04
Intricate swirl design made of brass give these earrings a unique flair. Dangling from hook clasps, these earrings were handmade in India by skilled artisans. Product Features: Colors:... Handmade Swirl Earrings (India) (Swirl Earrings), Women's, Silver, Size 1 (Brass)

Handmade Swirl Earrings (India)...
$12.69 $10.79