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This Tiffany-style lamp adds a traditional touch to your room decor. Featuring a lighted base, this Mission table lamp can be used as a nightlight in your bedroom, and it features two... Tiffany Style Golden Mission Table Lamp with Lit Base (Tiffany Style Mission Table Lamp with lit base), Gold (Bronze)

Tiffany Style Golden Mission Table...
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Add eclectic charm to your home or office with this Tiffany-style turtleback table lamp. The handcrafted art glass shade is wrapped in fine copper foil for support, and the four-light... Tiffany Style Turtleback Table Lamp with Lighted Base (Tiffany Style Emerald TurtlebackTable Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

Tiffany Style Turtleback Table Lamp...
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Give your home a touch of vintage elegance with this table lamp. Providing bright, multi-directional light, this colorful lamp features a classic Tiffany style and an ornate lotus design to... Belmont Tiffany-style Multicolored Glass and Antique Bronze Base 25-inch Table Lamp (Tiffany Style 25-inch Table Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

Belmont Tiffany-style Multicolored...
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Add a classic touch to any space with the Tiffany-style Warehouse of Tiffany Cross Table Lamp. This hand-crafted lamp features a beautiful multicolored stained glass shade with a bronze... Tiffany-style Warehouse of Tiffany Cross Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Cross Table Lamp), Brown (Art Glass)

Tiffany-style Warehouse of Tiffany...
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Pull the chain on this Serena D'italia table lamp for gorgeous lighting while you're reading. This lamp features a Tiffany-style shade with a bronze base for a traditional appearance. The... Serena D'italia Antique Bronze Glass/ Metal 16-inch Dragonfly Table Lamp With Lit Base (Tiffany Style Dragonfly Table Lamp with lit base), Red

Serena D'italia Antique Bronze Glass/...
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Brighten up a dark corner with this Tiffany-style stained glass table lamp. An ornate base is a beautiful complement to the classic geometrical stained glass shade. Light Bulb Type:... River of Goods Green/Beige/Brown Resin/Art Glass 28-inch High Tiffany-style Stained Glass Geometrical Table Lamp with Ornate Base (Geometrical Table Lamp with Ornate Base)

River of Goods Green/Beige/Brown...
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Dress up your living room decor with this dragonfly-themed Serena D'italia table lamp with a lit base and jewel accents. The handmade shade features foil-wrapped and stained-glass panels in... Serena D'italia 16-inch Honey Beige Dragonfly Table Lamp with Lit Base (Tiffany Style Dragonfly Table Lamp with lit base) (Glass)

Serena D'italia 16-inch Honey Beige...
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Infuse traditional elegance into your room with this two-light table light made in classic Tiffany style. The unique black base perfectly complements the bold blue glass shade with amber... Tiffany-style Blue Glass Black Base 2-light 60-watt Table Lamp (Tiffany Light)

Tiffany-style Blue Glass Black Base...
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Decorate in the traditional craftsman style with this Tiffany-style table lamp. The shade features green, white and brown handmade stained glasses cut in a rectangular shape, and the base... Luzon 1-light Multi-color 22-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Multi-color 22-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Brown (Art Glass)

Luzon 1-light Multi-color 22-inch...
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Each piece of glass in the beautiful shade of this Tiffany lamp is hand cut and wrapped around copper foil then soldered together. This 2-light lamp features a bronze-tone finish on the... Tiffany-style Arrow Head Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Arrow Head Table Lamp), Brown (Art Glass)

Tiffany-style Arrow Head Table Lamp...
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This beatiful, red Tiffany-style table lamp that draw attention to your family and guests. This table lamp has an elongated back tail, beautiful representation of a woman as a base in... Karlie Flying Lady Red 2-light Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Red Flying Lady 2-light Tiffany-style Table Lamp) (Glass)

Karlie Flying Lady Red 2-light...
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Handcrafted using the same techniques that were developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany in the early 1900s, this beautiful Tiffany-style piece contains hand-cut pieces of stained glass, each... Serena d'italia Tiffany Style Bue Jeweled Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Blue Jeweled Table Lamp) (Glass)

Serena d'italia Tiffany Style Bue...
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Definitely be a conversation starter for your guests, friends and family, this Tiffany-style table lamp features a dragonfly with blue wings in a earthly color of moss green. It has a... Molina 2-light Earthly Dragonfly 16-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Earthly Dragonfly 16-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Blue (Art Glass)

Molina 2-light Earthly Dragonfly...
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Lend a classic look to your furnishings with this drum floor lamp. This tall lamp features a colorful glass drum shade that gives a nod to vintage eras while maintaining a style that looks... Serena d'italia Tiffany-style Drum Contemporary Floor Lamp (Tiffany Style Drum Contemporary Floor Lamp), Blue (Glass)

Serena d'italia Tiffany-style Drum...
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This elegant Victoria Table Lamp has a white shade and a beautiful black scalloped metal edge accented with a metal base. The shade contains hand-cut pieces of stained glass, each wrapped... Serena d'italia Tiffany Style Victoria 25-inch Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Victora Table Lamp), Black (Copper)

Serena d'italia Tiffany Style...
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With warm tones and classic lines, this Amora Lighting table lamp is a beautiful mission-style piece. This sophisticated lamp features 172 individually cut pieces of glass in beige and... Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Mission Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Mission Table Lamp), Beige (Art Glass)

Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Mission...
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This is a small, Tiffany-style table lamp that will definitely brighten your home. This can be placed anywhere in your home. It is made of stained glass in yellow, green, and white with a... Kaye 1-light Multi-color 16-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Multi-color 16-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Brown (Art Glass)

Kaye 1-light Multi-color 16-inch...
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The Quilala amber lily table lamp is a beautiful handcrafted piece created in the Tiffany-style construction. The elegant lily shaped lamp shade is lovely amber or tan color with a high... Quilala Amber Lily 16-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Lily 16-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Brown (Glass)

Quilala Amber Lily 16-inch...
Illuminate your living space, and introduce a colorful decorative element to your home with this Tiffany-style table lamp, featuring a hand-stained glass shade with a geometrical pattern... Ethelle 23-inch 2-light Geometrical Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Geometrical 23-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

Ethelle 23-inch 2-light Geometrical...
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Inspired by the Hanging Head Dragonfly lamp originally designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Clara Driscoll, this mini version encompasses great detail and lively character. The... River of Goods 10-inch Tiffany Style Stained Glass Mini Dragonfly Table Lamp with Mosaic Base (Dragonfly Mini Lamp Yellow & Green), Brown (Art Glass)

River of Goods 10-inch Tiffany Style...
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Arroyo table lamp has been handcrafted using methods first developed by Louis Comfort Tiffany, Shade contains pieces of stained glass, each hand-cut and wrapped in fine copper foil,... Arroyo Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Arroyo Tiffany Style Table Lamp), Brown (Bronze)

Arroyo Tiffany-style Table Lamp...
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Fall in love with Jayden 2-light Tiffany-style 14-inch Table Lamp. It features a contemporary touch for your home. With its rich orange jewels dangling at the edge of the laminated paper... Jayden 2-light Tiffany-style 14-inch Table Lamp (Tiffany-style 14-inch Table Lamp), Brown (Glass)

Jayden 2-light Tiffany-style 14-inch...
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The subtle color scheme of this Tiffany-style table lamp adds an elegant and timeless atmosphere to your room. The gold shade, made of stained glass with hand-cut geometric designs, offers... Serena d'italia Tiffany Style Golden Mission Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Mission Table Lamp), Brown (Glass)

Serena d'italia Tiffany Style Golden...
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Brighten up the room with this beautiful Zisel two-light, multicolored Tiffany-style table lamp with a bronze base. This lamp uses two pull chains, so you can control the amount of... Zisel 2-light Grape Tiffany-style 18-inch Table Lamp (Zisel Grape Tiffany-style 18-inch Table Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

Zisel 2-light Grape Tiffany-style...
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Give your formal living room some character with this Tiffany-style table lamp. The narrow base allows the two-light table lamp to easily be displayed on a large or small table, while the... Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Chandelle Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Chadelle Table Lamp), White (Art Glass)

Amora Lighting Tiffany Style...
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The Nalopeza Tiffany-style table lamp features a white glass, lotus shaped shade attached to a high polished metal base in a bronze finish. Add some beautiful style to your home with this... Nalopeza 1 Light White Lotus 28 Inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (White Lotus 28-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Brown (Glass)

Nalopeza 1 Light White Lotus 28 Inch...
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Add an elegant touch to any room with this Tiffany-style table lamp. This lamp features a beautiful hand-cut stained glass shade atop an elegant bronze base. The 1900s style of this table... Serena d'italia Tiffany-style Floral Mission Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Floral Mission Table Lamp), Beige (Bronze)

Serena d'italia Tiffany-style Floral...
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Place this Tiffany-style, tabletop lamp on a bedside or chair-side table to add a touch of color and light to the space. This lamp has a metal base and a stained glass lampshade that... Byzantium Two-Light Floral Stained Glass 26-Inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Floral 26-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Beige

Byzantium Two-Light Floral Stained...
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Grace an overlooked area of your living room, bedroom, library or game room with this Tiffany style floor lamp to create a design balance in the room. You can use this versatile lamp with a... Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Cascades Floor Lamp (Tiffany Style Cascades Floor Lamp), White (Art Glass)

Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Cascades...
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This elegant tiffany style lamp is made with an oil rubbed bronze base and a beautiful glass shade. Dual pull chains offer traditional on and off style. Setting: Indoor Fixture finish:... Dimond Lighting Stone Filigree 2-light Tiffany Style Bronze Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Bronze Table Lamp), Brown (Art Glass)

Dimond Lighting Stone Filigree...
Dimond Lighting
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