This Tiffany-style lamp adds a traditional touch to your room decor. Featuring a lighted base, this Mission table lamp can be used as a nightlight in your bedroom, and it features two... Tiffany Style Golden Mission Table Lamp with Lit Base (Tiffany Style Mission Table Lamp with lit base), Gold (Bronze)

Tiffany Style Golden Mission Table...
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Add eclectic charm to your home or office with this Tiffany-style turtleback table lamp. The handcrafted art glass shade is wrapped in fine copper foil for support, and the four-light... Tiffany Style Turtleback Table Lamp with Lighted Base (Tiffany Style Sapphire Turtleback Table Lamp), Blue (Art Glass)

Tiffany Style Turtleback Table Lamp...
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This Tiffany Style table lamp features a floral stained glass shade with red and purple lilies against a warm amber background. It will complement your unique and classic style. Making this... River of Goods 24 Inch Tiffany Style Stained Glass Fairy Blossoms Table Lamp with Clock Base (Fairy Blossoms Tiffany Style Lamp w Clock), Blue (Art Glass)

River of Goods 24 Inch Tiffany Style...
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Brighten your reading are while adding rich colors to your home with this dragonfly table lamp. Two lights provide plenty of illumination, and the stained glass and copper foil offer an... Warehouse of Tiffany Jacenia Tiffany-style Purple Dragonfly 2-light 16-inch Mosaic Base Table Lamp (Jacenia Purple Dragonfly Table Lamp), Blue (Glass)

Warehouse of Tiffany Jacenia...
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Dress up your living room decor with this dragonfly-themed Serena D'italia table lamp with a lit base and jewel accents. The handmade shade features foil-wrapped and stained-glass panels in... Serena D'italia 16-inch Honey Beige Dragonfly Table Lamp with Lit Base (Tiffany Style Dragonfly Table Lamp with lit base) (Glass)

Serena D'italia 16-inch Honey Beige...
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Pull the chain on this Serena D'italia table lamp for gorgeous lighting while you're reading. This lamp features a Tiffany-style shade with a bronze base for a traditional appearance. The... Serena D'italia Antique Bronze Glass/ Metal 16-inch Dragonfly Table Lamp With Lit Base (Tiffany Style Dragonfly Table Lamp with lit base), Red

Serena D'italia Antique Bronze Glass/...
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Brighten up a dark corner with this Tiffany-style stained glass table lamp. An ornate base is a beautiful complement to the classic geometrical stained glass shade. Light Bulb Type:... River of Goods Green/Beige/Brown Resin/Art Glass 28-inch High Tiffany-style Stained Glass Geometrical Table Lamp with Ornate Base (Geometrical Table Lamp with Ornate Base)

River of Goods Green/Beige/Brown...
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Show off your inner nature-lover with this stained glass table lamp that features a curvy tree trunk base. With 411 cuts of glass forming richly colored leaves, this Tiffany-style fixture... River of Goods Marvel Maple Stained Glass 24.5-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp With Tree Trunk Base (Marvel Maple Table Lamp with Tree Trunk Base), Brown (Art Glass)

River of Goods Marvel Maple Stained...
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This beautiful lamp was inspired by the Hanging Head Dragonfly lamp originally designed by Louis Comfort Tiffany and Clara Driscoll. The dragonflies, in addition to the elements of green,... River of Goods 10-inch Tiffany Style Stained Glass Mini Dragonfly Table Lamp with Mosaic Base (Dragonfly Mini Lamp Yellow & Green), Brown (Art Glass)

River of Goods 10-inch Tiffany Style...
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Adorn your living areas with this stunning table lamp. Its handmade stained glass and metal construction features colorful, mesmerizing dragonfly patterns for a truly unique and refined... Jaffa 2-light Green Dragonfly 16-inch Mosaic Base Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Jaffa Green Dragonfly Table Lamp) (Glass)

Jaffa 2-light Green Dragonfly 16-inch...
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A definite showpiece to your home decor, this Tiffany-style table lamp features a dragonfly design both on the shade and base. Both its shade and base light up simultaneously. Handcrafted... Rojas Double-lit Red Dragonfly 16-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Double-lit Red Dragonfly Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

Rojas Double-lit Red Dragonfly...
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Celebrate the beauty of the outdoors with this Tiffany-style table lamp. The shade features an entire garden's worth of daffodils in rich red tones on a green and amber background, while... Daffodil (Yellow) Tiffany Style Table Lamp (Dafodil Tiffany Style Table Lamp) (Art Glass)

Daffodil (Yellow) Tiffany Style Table...
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This Tiffany-style table lamp features a number of handmade stained glass cut to create a stylish and very detailed water lily design for you and your family to enjoy. It is paired with a... Bayah 1-light Green Lily 12-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Green Lily 12-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Blue (Art Glass)

Bayah 1-light Green Lily 12-inch...
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Decorate in the craftsman style with this Tiffany-style table lamp that features three lily-like pink shades. This table lamp features long grasses on the base and a dragonfly flying over... Andalia 3-light Pink Lily 22-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Pink Lily 22-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp) (Art Glass)

Andalia 3-light Pink Lily 22-inch...
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This elegant Victoria Table Lamp has a white shade and a beautiful black scalloped metal edge accented with a metal base. The shade contains hand-cut pieces of stained glass, each wrapped... Serena d'italia Tiffany Style Victoria 25-inch Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Victora Table Lamp), Black (Copper)

Serena d'italia Tiffany Style...
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This beatiful, red Tiffany-style table lamp that draw attention to your family and guests. This table lamp has an elongated back tail, beautiful representation of a woman as a base in... Karlie Flying Lady Red 2-light Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Red Flying Lady 2-light Tiffany-style Table Lamp) (Glass)

Karlie Flying Lady Red 2-light...
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Decorate in the traditional craftsman style with this Tiffany-style table lamp. The shade features green, white and brown handmade stained glasses cut in a rectangular shape, and the base... Luzon 1-light Multi-color 22-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Multi-color 22-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Brown (Art Glass)

Luzon 1-light Multi-color 22-inch...
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The subtle color scheme of this Tiffany-style table lamp adds an elegant and timeless atmosphere to your room. The gold shade, made of stained glass with hand-cut geometric designs, offers... Serena d'italia Tiffany Style Golden Mission Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Mission Table Lamp), Brown (Glass)

Serena d'italia Tiffany Style Golden...
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Give your formal living room some character with this Tiffany-style table lamp. The narrow base allows the two-light table lamp to easily be displayed on a large or small table, while the... Amora Lighting Tiffany Style Chandelle Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Chadelle Table Lamp), White (Art Glass)

Amora Lighting Tiffany Style...
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Add an elegant touch to any room with this Tiffany-style table lamp. This lamp features a beautiful hand-cut stained glass shade atop an elegant bronze base. The 1900s style of this table... Serena d'italia Tiffany-style Floral Mission Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Floral Mission Table Lamp), Beige (Bronze)

Serena d'italia Tiffany-style Floral...
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The Nalopeza Tiffany-style table lamp features a white glass, lotus shaped shade attached to a high polished metal base in a bronze finish. Add some beautiful style to your home with this... Nalopeza 1 Light White Lotus 28 Inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (White Lotus 28-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Brown (Glass)

Nalopeza 1 Light White Lotus 28 Inch...
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Illuminate your living space, and introduce a colorful decorative element to your home with this Tiffany-style table lamp, featuring a hand-stained glass shade with a geometrical pattern... Ethelle 23-inch 2-light Geometrical Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Geometrical 23-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

Ethelle 23-inch 2-light Geometrical...
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Situate this lovely lamp where it can light up a dark corner and your guests can admire it. The multicolored floral design of the shade and mahogany finish of the base complement most... Amora Lighting Tiffany Style AM229TL16 Floral Table Lamp (Tiffany Style Floral Table Lamp), Green (Art Glass)

Amora Lighting Tiffany Style...
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Add soft, warm light to your room with this Arroyo Tiffany-style table lamp. With a bronze-finished metal base of elegant scrollwork, this lamp features a shade made from hand-cut stained... Arroyo Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Arroyo Tiffany Style Table Lamp), Brown (Bronze)

Arroyo Tiffany-style Table Lamp...
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This set of two butterfly accent lamps is beautifully crafted with bold, vibrant color. The butterflies showcase rippled and striated glass for texture, as well as a bronze-tone base in a... River of Goods 8-inch Tiffany Style Stained Glass Butterfly Touch Accent Lamps (Set of Two Tiffany Style Butterfly Accent Lamps), Blue (Art Glass)

River of Goods 8-inch Tiffany Style...
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The Karly 4-light Tiffany-style Table Lamp features a beautiful amber shade with dangling crystals at the bottom. It also has a cube-shaped glass base which creates a modern style that is... Karly 4-light Tiffany-style 16-inch Crystal Table Lamp (Tiffany-style 16-inch Crystal Table Lamp), Black (Art Glass)

Karly 4-light Tiffany-style 16-inch...
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This is a small, Tiffany-style table lamp that will definitely brighten your home. This can be placed anywhere in your home. It is made of stained glass in yellow, green, and white with a... Kaye 1-light Multi-color 16-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Multi-color 16-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Brown (Art Glass)

Kaye 1-light Multi-color 16-inch...
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The Quilala amber lily table lamp is a beautiful handcrafted piece created in the Tiffany-style construction. The elegant lily shaped lamp shade is lovely amber or tan color with a high... Quilala Amber Lily 16-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Lily 16-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Brown (Glass)

Quilala Amber Lily 16-inch...
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Brighten up your home with this majestic Tiffany-style Table Lamp. Enjoy this beautiful lamp in your living room, bedroom, and library. It features a beautiful dragonfly design on a vibrant... Killua 3-light Green Double-lit 25-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Double-lit 25-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp) (Glass)

Killua 3-light Green Double-lit...
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Brighten your home with the stylish Sierra 2-light Tiffany-style table lamp. Constructed of stained glass with a mission style shade in off-white, red, orange and brown to give off a... Sierra 2-light Off-white 14-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp (Off-white 14-inch Tiffany-style Table Lamp), Brown (Glass)

Sierra 2-light Off-white 14-inch...
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