Una Kim, Founder of Keep Shoes

Una Kim, Founder of Keep Shoes

the 10
things my pets go nuts for

Thanks to a dearth of good sneakers for girls, UNA KIM started her own line, Keep—after all, as a skateboarder herself, Una refused to put on an unsightly white pair. Though the company is firmly affixed in skate culture, it also has deep roots in both animal rights and music: Una is a cat lover and a total badass drummer, too. This music/animal/design trifecta recently culminated into a shoe collaboration with Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon (owner of two rescues himself) that supports the Best Friends Animal Society. And since Una is so in-tune with her furry friends, we knew we could rely on her for a list of pet-approved products. Herewith,

the 10 things that Keep-designer Una Kim knows her pets go nuts for.

  • 1

    DJ Cat Scratch Turntable

    Because cats are natural turntablists. Their beat matching is a little weak, but they can scratch like nobody's business.

  • 2

    Pet Tree House

    Pricey but so rad! An amazing cat house built around an actual sapling. This could be a cool DIY project too, for you crafty types.

  • 3

    Cardboard Cat Teepe

    My kitties love to chill in this recycled cardboard teepee, especially since the entrance is adorned with a dreamcatcher. It comes with six different ornaments to choose from, but my cats are into the mystical stuff and like to have positive vibes when sleeping (which is always), so the dreamcatcher was an obvious choice.

  • 4

    Planet Petco Natural Catnip Bubbles

    Stimulants for your feline friends in bubble form. It's fun to play with, and your cats will go crazy. It's like you're creating your own kitty Ibiza. Win, win.

  • 5

    Hudson's Bay Company Dog Bed

    I've always been a fan of Hudson's Bay blankets; those classic, chromatic stripes are just so appealing. With this, your sweet pup can chill in style on her own version while you're snuggling up in bed with your blanket, watching re-runs of the Wire or a Korean drama or BBC's Sherlock (for example).

  • 6

    Uncommon Pet-Printed iPhone Case

    My cats are jealous types and they like to know I'm thinking about their cuteness all the time. That's why I have a customized iPhone case from Uncommon, broadcasting their irresistible adorableness while forever establishing to the public that I am a crazy cat person. This case rules because I've dropped it a billion times and both my phone and the case are unscathed. Non pet owners can put pictures of other things they care about on them too, like their kids or whatever.

  • 7

    Mayan Woven Collars

    Any Keep fan knows we love handwoven textiles! A Tail We Could Wag works with Mayan artisans in Guatemala to make these amazing collars and leashes—I especially like the Traditional and Harborside collections.

  • 8

    Southwestern Dog Jackets

    I love functional flair, and these dog jackets on Etsy are a steal compared to the original Pendleton ones that you can't ever find anymore.

  • 9

    Cat Hammock

    Hammocks are the ultimate symbol of a life of leisure, making this the perfect gift for your cuddly, leisure-loving cat. Besides, seeing your kitty blissed out in a marsupial-like pouch is somehow incredibly comforting, so really it's calming for you too.

  • 10

    Keep + Bon Iver Limited Edition Ramos

    I don't know about you, but my pets are all about limited edition sneakers. But seriously—and maybe it's the fishbones—my cats really love jamming their adorable whiskered faces into these shoes, while my friend's dog loves to chew on them more than a bully whip. I think they can tell they've been designed by a true pet lover, and can psychically sense both Justin Vernon's deep affection for his two kitties, and the fact that these shoes helped rescue other kittens and puppies just like them.

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