Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder of Moon Juice

Amanda Chantal Bacon, Founder of Moon Juice

the 10


things that keep me smiling

For those who jones for green juice (or their famous Golden Milk), Moon Juice in Venice might as well be mecca. And though owner AMANDA CHANTAL BACON may have had her start as a chef and food editor, she now spends her days happily serving the loyalists who line up for her fresh pressed, all organic, medically-driven beverages and raw snacks (the goddess of glow is opening a Silver Lake location by popular demand). Because she takes such good care of our bodies,

we tapped Moon Juice owner Amanda Chantal Bacon for the nineteen things she swears by to keep her vibrations positive, and spirits high.

  • 1

    Quinton Isotonic Marine Plasma

    I pop these glass vials of pure marine plasma, enriched by the vortex plankton bloom every day. They keep my energy high no matter what task is at hand, and they're also great for pre- and post-flight jet lag prevention.

  • 2

    Lisanne Frank Candles

    I can't really partake in the scented candle world any more. After detoxing my body and home, anything synthetic hurts. These candles found in Lisanne's jewel box amongst exquisite diamond and gold creations marry the scent of wild herbs with the aroma of pure bees wax. They lift up any space with the flick of a match.

  • 3

    Ameythist Bio Mat

    This divine warm bed of crystal chambers eases stress, pain, and releases toxins simply by lying on it. My favorite is having a good long, spacey, session with a couple of friends.

  • 4

    Feal Mor Custom J. Aguar bag

    My everyday companion is my custom J. Aguar bag from Feal Mor. So many vintage navajo weavings, leather, and silver pieces pulled together give these bags one-of-a-kind magic.

  • 5

    All for the Mountain Jewelry

    Carly Margolis—artist and gallery owner—hand-crafts these incredible bronze pulls for the home. Opening a drawer is
    now a portal into another dimension of beauty.

  • 6

    Apis Mellifera

    Inspired by unseen forces and the plight of the honey bees, Frally Hynes chants with one of the most achingly beautiful voices I've ever heard on her new album, Apis Mellifera (Latin for "honey bee"). I can always find refuge in listening to her music.

  • 7

    Integratron's Private Sound Bath

    The Integratron is an acoustically perfect energy machine sited on a powerful geomagnetic vortex in the magical Mojave Desert. I drive out for the sound bath and a sonic healing session in the multi-wave sound chamber. The nine quartz crystal singing bowls are nutrition to the nervous system.

  • 8

    Guru Jagat's Kundalini Classes

    Kundalini Yoga is a technology for upgrading your operating system and turning on and tuning in more and more. There is no teacher I love more than Guru Jagat, she's a modern medicine woman and her Ra Ma institute is right in the heart
    of Venice.

  • 9

    Glass Dharma Glass Straws

    There's nothing more satisfying that imbibing the good stuff (Goodness Greens from Moon Juice) through this glass straw.

  • 10

    Every'wair Sprays

    Agnes Badoo gracefully combines a few of my favorite things into these handmade blends of therapeutic grade essential oils: Colloidal silver, numerology power, and some witchyness. These scents have the delicate and sophisticated notes of culinary master pieces. I use No. 11 when it's time to manifest.

  • 11

    Paulo Santo Wood

    "Holy Stick" is a naturally aromatic wood incense used for purifiying, cleansing and uplifting. It has citrusy Frankincense notes that will immediately elevate the spirits. I love receiving mine from Daughter of the Sun in Kauai in a ceremonial pouch.

  • 12

    Earth Tu Face Palmarosa & Aloe Face Wash

    I'm an organic face food fanatic (I even make my own), but this is it! This is the one, so dont look any further! These California herbalists have made a blend that delights and refreshs my face every morning.

  • 13

    Mystic Mamma-ness

    Mystic Mama's round up of astral insights, wisdom, and contemporary art will not only have you flying high but will sink your roots deeply into this earth.

  • 14

    Remember, Be Here Now

    This book by Ramm Dass is what started it all for me. Never was there such an inspiration to open the mind and get high! You can dive in deep and lose yourself for hours or just open up to any page and get a good hit with his mind bending illustrations.

  • 15

    Beatrice Valenzuela Combinados

    I love me some Beatrice Valenzuela shoes, but the Combinados in orange take things to another dimension. Trekking trails with my toddler in our matching combinados takes me to far-out places. These boots were made for hiking.

  • 16

    Planetary Brass Lighting

    I'm obsessed with my handmade six bulb lamp splitter. It's handmade in LA at Rewire Gallery's workshop, and absolutely out of this world. Nothing but green juice makes me glow more!

  • 17

    Sven Gold Clogs

    My high heels. I spend a good portion of my life on my feet in kitchens and clogs are the only way to keep it going day after day. I keep it twinkle toes with swedish gold ones!

  • 18

    Arocsanti Wind Chimes of Change

    Designer Paolo Soleri has influenced many in search of a new paradigm. The sound of his bronze bell serves as a reminder of what Arcosanti stands for ringing right outside my window.

  • 19

    Spaceways Radio

    For the Sunday night freak out, Carlos Nino , internationally celebrated producer, composer, musician, radio host, DJ, poet, event organizer, and enlightened soul will take you on a trip every weeknight from 10 p.m.-midnight on KPFK.

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