Amy Flurry, Author

Amy Flurry, Author

the 10
faux bois pieces I'm currently obsessed with

Atlanta-based writer AMY FLURRY has pitched—and ultimately penned—stories for some of the biggest magazines on the newsstand (InStyle, Country Living, Lucky, etc.). And as an editor she's been on the other side of the desk, clicking through pitches from publicists and struggling designers looking for a big break. In response to it all, she decided to write her first how-to book: Recipe for Press: Pitch Your Story Like the Pros & Create a Buzz!, which is packed with good, no-nonsense advice for budding entrepeneurs. Though she may be a writer first, Amy has great, considered taste-which is how she came to choose a faux-bois cover for her book. "Freshly milled timber is so naturally inviting," she explains. "Plus, it's all the rage!"

Here, the 10 faux-bois pieces Amy Flurry currently loves.

  • 1

    George Sacaris Studio Faux Bois Bag

    These hand-painted felt faux bois bags are a stylish take on the woodland trend.

  • 2

    Yves Saint Laurent Gold Plated
    Wooden Ring

    Even Yves Saint Laurent climbed aboard the faux bois train with this gold-plated piece.

  • 3

    Karen Walker Sunglasses

    Neon yellow accents on these faux wood finish sunglasses are a sassy touch.

  • 4

    Natori Faux Bois Towels

    The trend got pushed into unexpected new territories with these earthy faux-bois towels.

  • 5

    Proenza Schouler Wedges

    Subtle psychedelic wood wedges give these sexy black leather cutouts a modern edge.

  • 6

    Wood Grain iPad Case

    Timber! A synthetic wood grain case for your iPad somehow keeps technology in check.

  • 7

    Faux Bois Tablemats

    The contrast of milky white tableware against this dark faux walnut grain placemats looks really luxe. Plus, the fact that they're vinyl makes for an easy clean and saves you the guilt of another downed tree.

  • 8

    Wood Grain Diaper Bag

    Nothing says hip new mom quite like a wood grain quilted diaper bag. No surprise, but I found this one at a modern children's store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

  • 9

    Faux Wood Grain iPhone Case

    Unplugging to hike a trail may not be on the schedule, but encasing your iPhone in faux wood grain makes you feel that much closer to nature.

  • 10

    Wood Grain Fossil Watch

    A simple wood grain face is minimalist and rugged.

Felt Goods Faux Bois Bag
Arty Gold-Plated Wooden Ring
Soul Club Sunglasses
Natori Faux Bois Towels
Cutout Leather and Wooden Wedge Sandals
Wood Grain iPad Case
Faux Bois Set of 4 Rectangular Tablemats by Chilewich
Duo Deluxe Edition Diaper Bag
iPhone 4S/4 Wood Grain Deflector
Fossil 'Flight' Round Dial Bracelet Watch
Recipe for Press Book
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