Ariel Gordon - Jewelry Designer

Ariel Gordon, Jewelry Designer; Photo by Denise Crew

the 10
things that are always in my purse

Though you wouldn't know it from her ultra-feminine eponymous jewelry label, the designer ARIEL GORDON is actually a huge fan of over-the-top patterns and exuberantly printed clothing. Which actually makes sense, since her delicate turquoise cabochon necklaces and mini-heart pendants are the perfect counter-part to these bigger statements. She's also always obsessed with the details, which is why we asked her to reveal the contents of her bag.

Here, the 10 things Ariel Gordon always has on hand.

  • 1

    Céline Luggage Tote

    C'est magnifqiue non? She doesn't need much of an explanation. Best birthday present ever from my loving husband.

  • 2

    Comme des Garcons Wallet

    I've had a couple of these wallets over the years. They hold everything I need and never cease to make me smile with their bright colors and luxe leather.

  • 3

    Raen Breslin Sunglasses

    Living in L.A. you need a good pair of sunnies. These are made by friends of mine and they are my faves.

  • 4

    Rifle Paper Notebook

    See below re: 'to-do' list addiction. I vary between Moleskin, Postalco, or something cute and girly like this Rifle Paper one I'm carrying now.

  • 5

    A Sea of Pouches

    Hello. My name is Ariel. I'm a pouch addict. At any given time I have at least four different pouches in my purse, each serving a specific function: Comme des Garçons Clover Pouch: this holds my checks, receipts, and pens; Il Bisonte Zoom Pouch: this holds my Ariel Gordon Jewelry business cards; Baggu Leather Pouch: this holds four different lip glosses, three different roll-on perfumes, gum, nail file, and Advil in a tiny pill box; Falconwright Pouch: this holds business cards that I pick up while traveling—I file them by city to remind me of cool spots to visit again.

  • 6

    Apple iPhone

    Ubiquitous, I know, but essential. Other than email, some of my favorite apps right now are Instagram (I'm a new member and have fallen fully down the rabbit hole a few too many times @arielgordonjewelry), Clear (I'm a major 'to-do' lister. This app is both functional and pretty.), Yelp, Google Maps, Pandora, LA Times, Huff Po, and so on.

  • 7

    Lem Lem Scarf

    I'm hot. I'm cold. Who knows? Scarves are always on hand.

  • 8

    Red Envelope Personalized Purse Hook

    I get skeeved out by going to a restaurant and putting my purse on the floor. Typically purse hangers can be a little bit grandma, but these engraved ones are both utilitarian and cute.

  • 9

    A Mini Roll Up Of Ariel Gordon Jewels

    Because I never know if I have to pop into a meeting or if I'm going out after work, I always carry an assortment of pieces to layer if I want a more bold look.

  • 10

    Baggu Shopping Bag

    Ever since the city of Santa Monica banned plastic bags, I've been carrying one of these babies around in my purse for quick trips to the store. Always be prepared. Plus they come in so many fun colors!

Celine Luggage Tote (in Black)
Comme Des Garcons Wallet
Raen Breslin Sunglasses
A Notebook
Lem Lem Scarf
Purse Hanger
Ariel Gordon Jewelry
Baggu Bag
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