CC Skye, Handbag and Jewelry Designer

CC Skye, Handbag and Jewelry Designer

the 10
things that make any party special

It started with a six-month study abroad trip to Nepal: After weeks of living the simple life, Los Angeles-bred CC SKYE was desperate for a little luxury, so she entrusted the help of a local seamstress to teach her how to execute a look she saw in Vogue. With that, came the immense satisfaction of making something with her own hands and before long, she had added gems and metal work to her repertoire. Today, her wildly successful eponymous jewelry and handbag label keep her hands busier than ever. With the holiday season coming, we tapped her for entertaining tips that ensures a good time is had by all. Herewith,

the 10 things designer CC Skye relies on to throw a fun-filled party.

  • 1

    CC Skye Bangles

    Be a gift giver. I love using my bangles on bottles of champagne, as napkin rings, or being passed around on trays like hors d'oeuvres (appetizers don't get much better than that!). The Deco Bangles and Pave Pyramid Stud Bracelets are some of my favorite styles to use.

  • 2

    Fresh Flowers

    I love making my own floral designs and centerpieces for parties. Go down to your local the flower market and buy white hydrangeas or any other flower you love. Put them in an array of different size square and round vases to make it look chic and professionally done.

  • 3

    Neil Barret Leather Shift Dress

    Finding just the right look to host in is important. I like to feel sexy yet comfortable so opt for longer dresses like one I just got from Alexis. It's very flattering and features red and grey color blocking, which I'm loving right now. I'm also a huge fan of leather detailing right now and just indulged in a dress by Neil Barrett. Can't wait to wear this to my next event!

  • 4

    Personalized Invitations

    Always do a printed invitation. I'll sometimes add something personal to me, like my Gypset Ring tied into the bow, but anything special and personal counts for a lot. Rarely do we get things we are excited to see in the mail so I think it gets your guests even more excited to come to your party. You can upload your own design and print invites at

  • 5

    Mood Lighting

    Lighting is very important to me so it has to be sexy and dim—lanterns or candles are a great way to go depending on if it's indoors our outside. Pretty Woman (it's actually owned by Roy Orbison's wife who is a Malibu local) makes amazing candles. They are musky and sexy.

  • 6

    Valet Parking

    Two words: Valet parking. It makes all the difference to your guests in making them feeling extra special, especially if you live in an area where circling the block is a routine. I use Malibu Valet Parking Services but they cater to all of the Los Angeles area. The guys are nice, they are affordable and give five star service.

  • 7

    I usually do a black and white theme and add neon pink for a great pop color. Is a great spot for added inspiration!

  • 8

    Personalized Drinks

    Have a bartender and make your favorite drink! I personally like Pink Taco's pink mojito because it's festive and refreshing so I make my own version.

  • 9

    Bite Catering

    Get creative with comfort food. I use Bite Catering mainly for their creative small bites for hors d'oeuvres like mini macaroni cups mini burgers, mini Ahi cones, and great tiny desserts. They're chic yet the comfort food is everyone's favorite in the end.

  • 10

    Streaming Music

    Music is key. and Groove Shark are both great for helping you find just the right vibe. You can tune into either on your laptop or iPod.

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