Cuan Hanly, Creative Director, Jack Spade

Cuan Hanly, Creative Director, Jack Spade

the 10
things I need for a getaway

With a degree in design from Ireland's The Grafton Academy, Jack Spade's Creative Director CUAN HANLY built his career at some of the coolest menswear brands around. He's worked for the likes of Paul Smith, Original Penguin and even had his own tailor-based business for nearly a decade. Cuan travels to some far-flung destinations to gather inspiration as part of heading up Product Development for Jack Spade, which means that he and his design team find themselves getting out of dodge pretty frequently. With his laser-sharp eye for style, we knew that his packing list would be dashingly on-point, which is why

we tapped Jack Spade's Cuan Hanly for a list of things that he relies on for a weekend away.

  • 1

    A Good Book

    Always an essential. I'm currently reading a travel book called Turn Right at Machu Picchu by Mark Adams.

  • 2

    Encounters at the End of
    the World

    I generally carry about 10 DVDs, ranging from classics to documentaries. My current favorite is "Encounters at the End of the World" by Werner Herzog.

  • 3

    Sony ICF-SW1 Shortwave Radio

    This little guy packs a punch as far as picking up radio stations from all over the world, especially BBC
    world service.

  • 4

    Lumix GF1 Camera

    This is my favorite camera at the moment, amazingly powerful and compact.

  • 5

    Swiss Army Penknife

    I carry the basic one because it is useful for so many things. I just have to remember to take it out of my carry-on luggage before security and customs.

  • 6

    Apple MacBook Pro

    I have an iPad but I still like to carry my laptop, as it's useful for everything from uploading images on a trip, to watching DVDs when the in-flight entertainment isn't great.

  • 7

    Moleskine Notebook

    A few years ago, I started carrying one of these for each city I visited, making note of great restaurants, vintage shops and galleries.

  • 8

    Jack Spade Bag

    The Swiss Brief is my best carry-on piece, just the right size for everything I need.

  • 9

    Maglite Mini

    It's always good to carry a torch (as you never know when those hotel lights might go out).

  • 10

    My Wife, Dancer Jean Butler

    Well, what can I say...?

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