Denise Posnak, Founder of MyBOD Wellness

Denise Posnak, Founder of MyBOD Wellness

the 10


things that help flex my workout wear

After teaching Pilates for over a decade, former dancer DENISE POSNAK set out to create an easier way to exercise. Her live, online personal training service is made for professional athletes, post-natal women, those dealing with illness and injury, or folks with demanding jobs. Sign onto MyBOD Wellness and Brooklyn-based Denise will take you through downward dog and vinyasa flows from your living room, hotel room, or just about anywhere with a wi-fi signal.

Because she spends many, many hours in workout wear, we knew Denise Posnak would have a list of items that score major points in making gym clothes, real-life ready.

  • 1

    James Pearce Funnel Neck Fleece Pullover

    Even if I've sweat my brains out at hot yoga or SoulCycle, I need a cover up to keep me warm when sipping my green lemonade at Peacefood Cafe. Most shops, cafes or groceries are a bit chilly in the summer, so I throw on my James Pearce Funnel
    Neck to keep me cozy and cute.

  • 2

    Velvet Heart Mila Shirtdress

    A no-wrinkle, throw-in-my-bag lightweight dress makes midday lunch meet-ups so much easier. Velvet Heart's Mila shirtdress is a two-minute wardrobe change and a breezy, hip piece.

  • 3

    ModCloth Earthen Rose Bag

    For most New Yorkers, the extra large hobo is a must. I can throw everything that has to do with working out in here—my water bottle, my body spray, even my gym shoes! I like this rose colored, vegan faux leather bag from Modcloth. It is neutral enough to complement most of my wardrobe—workout or 'work it'.

  • 4

    New Balance Heidi Klum Essential Tights

    Black leggings are a no-fail, must-have wardrobe requirement. I funk them up with tall boots and a short leather jacket, or go classic by cuffing them and throwing on a pair of flats. The New Balance Heidi Klum version is fab—long enough, sleek enough,
    breathable enough.

  • 5

    Fresh Rose Floral Toner

    I love the internal buzz a workout gives my muscles and the external brightness Fresh Rose Floral Toner gives my skin.
    And it smells so great that it can double as a body spray and
    keep me fresh.

  • 6

    CamelBak Stainless Steel Water Bottle

    A water bottle that fits in my purse, filters tap water, is BPA-free and spill-proof is a dream for my hop-around-the-city schedule. CamelBak's 18oz stainless steel version does the job perfectly.

  • 7

    Lululemon Flow Y Bra

    From Pilates to play, I want to know my sports bra is going to support me and look cute whether I throw on a racer back tank, casual dress or off the shoulder tee. I love Lululemon's Flow Y bra: this one is easy in classic black or pop-y in neon blue.

  • 8

    Michael Kors Small Whisper Hoops

    I put my hair up before the gym and leave it up after. To brighten up my updo, Michael Kors small whisper hoops add the missing bling and help me upgrade my look. Plus their lightness lightens
    up my mood.

  • 9

    RAEN Squire Sunglasses

    Since eye makeup and working out do not go together, throwing on a pair of RAEN's is my facial enhancement tactic after a sweaty workout. I'm a huge fan of the Squire.

  • 10

    Cosabella Panties

    An extra pair of panties should be in every woman's purse—for many reasons. I love Cosabella's line, and knowing they are in my bag helps me feel prepared for whatever might come up!

  • 11

    Joie a la Plage Shoal T-Strap Sandals

    Minimalist shoes are super important when you have to take them on and off throughout the day. I like a 'barely there' shoe that can compliment workout leggings or a lunch-ready dress. These Joie a la Plage Shoal T-strap sandals show off my summer pedicure and let my feet breathe.

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