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Diana Schmidtke, Men's Grooming Expert

Diana Schmidtke, Men's Grooming Expert


the 10
things all men need to take with them while traveling

When A-listers George Clooney, Matt Damon, and Robert Pattinson want to look perfectly done-up on movie sets and those infamously unforgiving red carpets, they rely on professional men's grooming expert DIANA SCHMIDTKE to land them on the sexiest men alive list. She's the industry's gold standard (hello, appearances on Oprah!), so you'll often find her proselytizing the proper hair and skin care tips that Dad never taught you (Exfoliate! Moisturize!). Since her clients are often traipsing around the globe,

we tapped men's grooming maven Diana Schmidtke for the 11 things she encourages her guys to take with them while traveling

, so they come back looking like they never left.

  • 1

    Braun 7 Series

    This electric shaver has a self-cleaning system, so that in the event that anyone else uses it while you're on vacation, you can sanitize it. It can be used with shaving cream, which is important because many men get their only moisture from shaving creams. Plus, it's German engineered—need I say more?

  • 2

    Gillette Fushion Proglide Shaver

    This blade razor has smart technology, and an indicator light that reminds you to change the blade. It also vibrates to help you get a smoother, closer shave without having to apply too much pressure (which oftentimes leads to razor burn, nicks, and cuts).

  • 3

    Kiehl's SPF 30

    This is a light and non-greasy face lotion. I love it because it's readily available, and I have yet to have anyone break out while using this.

  • 4

    The Art of Shaving Four-Step Travel Kit

    I like to stick to as few product lines as possible. That way you can always trace back if you break out, and pinpoint the offending item. I like the Art of Shaving line because it doesn't use harsh chemicals and comes in this nifty travel size, in the event you have a carry-on. Moisture is key for all men (especially after long flights), so the pre-shave will add moisture back into your skin and the badger brush will open your pores thanks to the bristles that naturally retain heat. Most men are looking for that "glide" during their shave, and these key products help achieve that.

  • 5

    The Art of Shaving Face Wash

    Again, I like to stick to the same line of products so that if something doesn't work, you'll know. Also, after you wash your face at night, don't use the moisturizer with SPF in it (you don't need it while you sleep). Use the balm that comes in your Art of Shaving travel kit.

  • 6

    Braun Cruzer Nose Trimmer

    There's nothing worse than seeing a man's nose hairs. The Braun Cruzer is great because it'll clean up your sideburns and neck if you can't get in for a haircut. It also has two built-in guards that you can even trim your eyebrows!

  • 7

    Tom's of Maine Deodorant and Toothpaste

    There are several natural ones that are out, but this is the brand that I stand by. I even use it myself! Plus, you can find it at your local drugstore.

  • 8

    Le Mer Eye Concentrate

    In my experience, guys are always worried about the wrinkles around their eyes, though girls love them. I vouch for Le Mer eye concentrate to get rid of those crows feet.

  • 9

    Burt's Bess Wax Lip Balm

    It doesn't leave lips shiny—and there's nothing I hate more than a man with shiny lips. Most of the men that I've used this on love the tingling sensation.

  • 10

    Bumble & Bumble Sumo Tech

    This is a universal hair product for all men. It's a light-hold paste and separates hair perfectly. I like that it's not too heavy, and maintains the perfect balance between matte and shiny. Also, men hate fluffy hair, and this stuff is the anti-fluff.

  • 11

    Tweezerman Nail Clipper Duo

    Always take this with you in your toiletry bag. Choose one with a
    built-in file in case your nail cracks, so that you can take care of any breaks quickly.

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