Edward Swiderski, Reality TV Star, Author, and co-founder of Kambio Group

Edward Swiderski, Co-Founder of Kambio Group, Author, & Reality TV Star

the 10
things I rely on to get me through my days

You may know EDWARD SWIDERSKI as the winner of season five of ABC's The Bachelorette—or perhaps, more recently, as a contestant on season three of The Bachelor Pad. Reality television aside, he's actually a tech-y and a down-to-earth Midwesterner, or more precisely, a Chicagoan. His chops are real: After all, he's the co-founder of digital marketing company, Kambio Group and author of Pinterest for Business, a guide on efficiently using the social-networking platform to maximize a small business. The items that he loves might steal your heart too. Here,

the 10 Things Ed Swiderski relies on to get him through his days.

  • 1

    Animal Planet

    Why am I obsessed with polar bears and penguins? Believe it or not, I can't stand reality TV—so why not educate my brain while watching the boob tube?

  • 2

    Jeep Grand Cherokee

    My 2012 model is super tech-ster—it connects my phone, hard drives, etc. in a fairly painless way. Now, I can upload all of my favorite N'Sync songs directly from my USB drive!

  • 3


    The fact that I can get a workout in my hotel room is pretty fantastic. The fact that I actually use it is mind-boggling.

  • 4

    Samsung Galaxy S III

    Who needs an iPhone when you can have a 4.5-inch screen with android? Well actually a lot of people would probably still pick an iPhone, but not me.

  • 5

    Sprout Social

    This lets me schedule tweets/posts and find out who my most influential social community members are. It's a one-stop shop and they are a local Chicago startup. Amaze.

  • 6

    Apple MacBook Pro

    Even as a former Microsoft employee, I decided to switch to Mac a couple years ago. Please put it in my casket. Please? Best. Thing. Ever.

  • 7

    The Intellectual Devotional

    This pocket/toilet guide has enlightened me with more facts than all of high school and college combined—get it to complete your education.

  • 8

    Hudson Jeans

    Not only are these comfy, they actually look good on my
    chubby ass.

  • 9

    Murray's Pomade

    I believe I've repaired a flat tire with this stuff... who knew it doubled as hair wax? (Caution: Extreme Hold)

  • 10

    Etiquette by Emily Post

    "Keep your hands to yourself!," might almost be put at the head of the first chapter of every book on etiquette. Definitely words to live by, Emily.

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