Erin Loechner, Founder of Design for Mankind and blogger at Babble

Erin Loechner, Founder of Design for Mankind and blogger at Babble

the 10
must-haves I put on my baby registry

Founder of award-winning site—and boundless source of scrollable eye-candy—Design for Mankind, ERIN LOECHNER is credited with being a trailblazer of the "design blogger" movement, one of many hats she wears along with her contributor status to an impressive roster of publications (Lucky, Dwell and Print Magazine are just the tip of the iceberg). Not one to shy away from a challenge, she's tapped her recent foray into motherhood to launch Design for MiniKind—a kid-centric spin-off catering to the creative needs of inspiration-starved moms. (Yes, we're wondering if this woman ever sleeps, too.) The info-packed blog, First Time Around—chronicling Erin's adventures in balancing work, life and parenthood—is proof positive that

Erin Loechner is an authority in all things baby, and the perfect new mom to share the 10 must-haves she put on her baby registry.

  • 1

    Sound Machine

    If you ever want to have a conversation with your spouse without waking the baby, white noise is key. We've been using our sound machine since night one and I can't imagine bedtime without it!

  • 2

    Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

    Oh, the leakage. These disposable nursing pads are handy and incredibly effective - I haven't experienced an "incident" yet!

  • 3

    Baby Monitor

    I didn't want to mess with learning the ropes of a new video monitor (although after watching this, I'm living in a sad state of regret!), so this basic no-bells-and-whistles version fit the bill nicely.

  • 4

    Baby Food System

    Making baby food seemed intimidating at first, so a blender, kit and food storage system seemed like the perfect way to ease into the process. (And now that our daughter is 7 months old, this one's becoming a household staple!)

  • 5

    Egg Baby Organic Basic Footie

    Family and friends love gifting pretty dresses and floral hair accessories, but when it comes to function, the old stand-by of footed pajamas can't be beat. This particular find is organic cotton and crazy soft.

  • 6

    Glass Bottles

    Bottles were a must for passing off those midnight feedings to my sweet husband, and these glass ones are high-quality and long-lasting. (I'm dreaming of organizing my office supplies with them when our baby phase is over!)

  • 7

    The Miracle Blanket

    I credit The Miracle Blanket with any glimmer of sanity I retained during those first bleary months. If my daughter wasn't swaddled in this glorious creation, she wasn't sleeping a wink.

  • 8

    Drying Rack

    This drying rack keeps our countertop clutter-free while providing a landing pad for the endless nipples, aspirators, bottles and miscellaneous pump parts we all love to hate (and our dogs love to steal).

  • 9


    We wanted a safe way to co-sleep for the first few weeks, making this bassinet system that converts into a playard later a no-brainer. Hooray for multi-purpose products that grow with the baby, yes?

  • 10

    Baby Carrier

    Not only is a carrier a great, hands-free way to tote around your newborn, but it also provides the perfect barrier for well-intentioned friends and family that can't wait to get their germy (but loving!) hands on your offspring.

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